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Retail Total Solution Services Business

Business Outline

The Retail Total Solution Services Business provides comprehensive services to meet the wide-ranging demands of individual clients, including asset management, inheritance and succession, administration of real estate and other property, loans such as mortgage loans, support for asset formation through installments, and insurance products to prepare for unusual events.

Asset Management We provide high-quality consulting services by offering a diverse product lineup to meet various asset management needs, including investment trusts, discretionary investment management products, annuity insurance, and whole life insurance, in addition to plans suited for management of retirement benefits.
Inheritance and Succession We offer extensive products and a wide range of know-how to meet needs for the smooth transfer of assets to the next generation, such as through lifetime donation and inheritance.
Loans We provide mortgage loans and unique products only available from a trust bank to meet the needs of clients that change with each of their life stages.
Installment-Type Products and Insurance Products We provide solid support for needs related to asset formation and preparation for unusual events, through products including asset formation trusts, installment-type products that have taxation advantages such as NISAs (a Japanese version of individual savings accounts), and level premium insurance that offers clients comfort according to each of their life stages.
Real Estate We use our broad network to meet diversifying needs related to real estate, such as purchase, sale and effective use of property, and change of residence.

Target Business Model

In an aging society where development of the information and communications network and advances in financial technology are progressing simultaneously, it is becoming increasingly important to have a trusted and secure partner to consult in order to make the best choices about asset management and administration at various stages of life.

In the Retail Total Solution Services Business, we aim to leverage the various strengths of the Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Group (the “SuMi TRUST Group”) to offer trust and comfort over the long term as our clients’ “Best Partner.”

【Providing Total Solutions According to Life Stages】

We provide client-oriented consulting services (added value) unique to a trust bank based on specific assumptions about assets and liabilities, etc., depending on the life stage of clients of various generations.

【Leveraging Group Strengths】

We will leverage the strengths of the Group, including affiliated companies, in order to meet the various needs of our clients.

Wholesale Total Solution Services Business

Business Outline

In addition to the services under its supervision, such as loans and arrangement of various financing schemes, corporate consultations, and M&A advisory services, the Wholesale Total Solution Services Business also serves as a general point of contact for all transactions with corporate clients.

By organically and flexibly coordinating with the various highly specialized functions of the Real Estate Business, Fiduciary Services Business, Stock Transfer Agency Services Business, Wholesale Asset Management Business, Global Markets Business, and Retail Total Solution Services Business, in addition to overseas bases and extending to the Group as a whole, we contribute to our clients’ development in a range of fields by providing speedy, one-stop solutions that are optimally tailored to clients’ needs and issues.

Target Business Model

The environment in which companies operate is transforming at a more dizzying pace than ever, and increasing in complexity. This includes the emergence of revolutionary IT technologies, industrial materials and engineering technologies, political and economic change on a global scale, and the expansion of various regulatory and social demands on companies.

In such an environment, the issues faced by corporate clients can no longer be resolved by providing individual products and services alone.

Our aim is to be the financial institution named by clients as their “Best Partner.” We will achieve this by “further enhancing the diversity and expertise found only at a trust bank,” including the banking, asset management and administration, and real estate know-how that we have cultivated as a financial group specialized in trust banking since our founding, and combining these in complex and sophisticated ways, to “develop a total solution model” that will help solve the current issues of our clients as well as issues that have yet to appear.

Wholesale Asset Management Business

Business Outline/Target Business Model

Amid changes in the social structure such as a maturing economy, and an aging and declining population, “client-oriented asset management” has become an important role for financial institutions to play.

The Wholesale Asset Management Business will leverage the diverse asset management and administration know-how cultivated by the Group in areas ranging from securities to real estate, private equity, aircraft, and various projects, to offer comprehensive services from proposals to product development and monitoring, mainly for financial and non-profit organizations facing asset management difficulties. In this way, we will help achieve optimal asset management for each of our clients.

In addition to asset management transactions, we build win-win relationships with our clients through property administration services (real estate, stock transfer agency, pensions, etc.) and alliance services (trust agencies, real estate solutions, etc.). We provide total solutions from assets to liabilities through our diverse functions in banking, asset management and administration, and real estate.

Stock Transfer Agency Services Business

Business Outline

Our Stock Transfer Agency Services Business works as an “agent of record for listed companies” provided for in the Companies Act and undertakes stock-related services on behalf of clients. We offer shareholder list management services that allow our clients to increase their administrative efficiency and rationalize their administration and various comprehensive consulting services as follows.

  1. 1) “Consulting services for matters related to stock and shareholders’ meetings” to support clients’ handling of stock-related matters through our abundant practical experience and advanced expertise
  2. 2) “IPO consulting services” to provide practical support for clients pursuing initial public offerings
  3. 3) “Consulting on investor and capital strategies” to support clients’ investor strategies, capital strategies, and public relations activities (IR/SR)
  4. 4) “Consulting on governance enhancement” to support clients’ efforts to enhance initiatives related to governance

Target Business Model

We seek to be our clients’ “Best Partner,” offering solutions from a cross-business perspective in response to management issues in investor and capital strategies, which are becoming increasingly important due to changes in the external environment, with the strong relationship we have cultivated as our clients’ “Best Partner” for stock-related matters.

The environment surrounding companies has changed considerably since the establishment of the Stewardship Code and the Corporate Governance Code, and client needs are expanding beyond stock-related matters and support for shareholders’ meetings to include enhancement of governance, ESG measures, and consulting on incentive compensation. Furthermore, clients are asking for stronger initiatives to evolve from “form” to “substance” corporate governance reform than in the past, and the related needs at each company are becoming diverse and complex.

The SuMi TRUST Group contributes to the further improvement of clients’ enterprise value and market value by providing optimal, high-quality solutions to management issues in investor and capital strategies, which are becoming increasingly important due to changes in the external environment.

In addition, we offer strong backup for the realization of IPOs through measures such as providing corporate and individual solutions for owner-managed companies as well as legal consulting services to clients pursuing IPOs from the preparation stage. We are also focusing on making a contribution to regional revitalization through cooperation with local financial institutions to support IPOs by regional companies. We intend to achieve the top share of entrustments from newly listed companies as a result of these initiatives.

By building further stronger relationships with our clients and establishing our position as their “Best Partner” through these activities, we will achieve sustainable expansion of our client base and an unshakeable status as the leading company in the stock transfer agency services market.

Real Estate Business

Business Outline

Our Real Estate Business has a large number of real estate specialists, such as real estate appraisers and first-class registered architects, providing a full line of services from brokerage to securitization and investment management in response to the real estate-related needs of a wide range of clients, including corporations, investors, and individuals in Japan and overseas.

Solution Functions

Real estate transaction services Brokerage Buying and selling
Consulting CRE
Effective use
Environmentally friendly property
Real estate management and administration services Securitization arrangement
Asset management
Real estate infrastructure services Real estate securitization trusts
Investment companies
Real estate administration
Other Overseas real estate business
Real estate market research

Target Business Model

【To Be Our Clients’ “Best Partner”】

As the needs of clients are diversifying amid stronger calls for action on matters such as corporate governance and capital strategies, the needs regarding their real estate properties are becoming more complex.

The Real Estate Business will continue to work closely with clients as their “Best Partner” by providing real estate solutions to match the needs of clients according to their real estate management cycle.

By providing clients with total solutions that only a trust bank can offer, we contribute to improving corporate productivity and revitalizing the Japanese economy, while assisting regional revitalization through stronger cooperation with regional financial institutions.

【Expanding Our Capacity to Provide Information and Further Developing Our Know-How】

Based on their abundant experience and broad networks, SuMi TRUST Bank and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Realty gather a wide range of information and provide solutions and information to suit client needs.

We will continue working to further expand our information volume and develop our know-how by cooperating with the Wholesale and Retail Total Solution Services Businesses and leveraging the marketing and planning functions of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Research Institute, while making use of our networks with regional financial institutions and overseas financial companies, in order to continue providing optimal real estate solutions for our clients.

Fiduciary Services Business

Business Outline

The Fiduciary Services Business is made up of three businesses: the pension business, the asset management business, and the asset administration business. Working with the SuMi TRUST Group as a whole, we provide client-oriented, high value-added services ranging from design of pension systems to management and administration.

While the SuMi TRUST Group’s balance of assets under management and assets under custody are both among the top levels in the industry, we strive to enhance our foundation as a financial group specialized in trust banking by seamlessly deploying our high-level expertise and know-how that are highly regarded by clients.

Pensions As pension plan professionals, we propose optimal, tailor-made system designs for clients, including both defined-benefit (DB) corporate pension plans and defined-contribution (DC) pension plans.
Asset Management We have a large number of experienced analysts and fund managers, whose significant expertise and comprehensive capabilities are brought together in our “asset management consulting & multiple products” to respond to the wide-ranging asset management needs of clients.
Asset Administration Both in Japan and overseas, we provide a wide range of asset administration services, including the administration and settlement of securities in which clients have invested, the preparation of reports for clients regarding the status of asset management and custody, and securities lending.

Target Business Model

As a leading financial group in Japan, we will lead the trend “from savings to asset formation” and contribute to “formation of the people’s assets,” “sustainable growth of Japan’s economy and corporations,” and “regional revitalization,” while pursuing profit expansion.

We will strengthen the asset management and asset administration functions that are the core competencies of our trust business with the aim of realizing our business model. We will expand active assets in asset management and pursue diversification of services in asset administration, while seeking to expand our balance of assets under management and custody, earnings and client base.

Global Markets Business

Business Outline

In the Global Markets Business, our group of experts in the management of global financial market volatility draws on our domestic and overseas networks to provide optimal solutions for clients.

Our Global Markets Business functions are broadly divided into client service functions, which undertake marketing operations and market-making operations; market functions, which handle investment operations and financial management operations; and administrative functions.

Client service functions Marketing operations
Market-making operations
Market functions Investment operations
Financial management operations
Administrative functions Management and settlement

Target Business Model

【An Expert Group that Contributes to the Realization of “The Trust Bank” by Managing Market Volatility for All Clients Both Internal and External】

The uncertainty surrounding the market is growing, due to factors including monetary policies of developed countries and economic trends in emerging countries, as well as the global political situation and geopolitical risks. Market risks also exist in clients’ asset holdings and balance sheets, and unforeseen gains and losses can occur as a result of market volatility. We will protect clients’ asset value by providing solutions to appropriately manage this volatility.

The solutions we offer our clients make use of all the volatility management know-how of our group of experts, including knowledge of marketing operations and market-making operations, as well as technologies such as market risk control backed by many years of experience in investment operations and financial management operations. We provide optimal solutions to our clients that make full use of our significant expertise and comprehensive capabilities, based on our client-oriented awareness and action rooted in the fiduciary spirit cultivated at the SuMi TRUST Group over the years.

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