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Providing Value to Clients

The SuMi TRUST Group aims to accurately understand both the current and potential needs of individual and corporate clients and provide total solutions that offer a wide range of highly specialized products and services as the best ways to address those needs. In an era of dramatic environmental changes, the needs of both individual and corporate clients to build, manage and review their assets and to plan for succession are becoming increasingly complex, and their needs for trustworthy financial institutions are growing. The SuMi TRUST Group, as Japan’s only independent financial group specialized in trust banking, will leverage its comprehensive capabilities that combine trust and banking functions and the various trust functions within the Group, under a stringent conflict of interest management framework, with the aim of being the “Best Partner” for providing the greatest value to clients.

Practicing Fiduciary Duties

The aim of the SuMi TRUST Group to be the “Best Partner” for clients is based on our client-oriented spirit. While the SuMi TRUST Group has strived to be completely client-oriented from the beginning, with the fiduciary spirit as part of our DNA, we further enhanced our efforts by establishing and making public our “Policies regarding the Fiduciary Duties of the Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Group” (hereinafter, the “Policies”) in September 2016.
We believe that the practice of fiduciary duties depends on “significant expertise” that our clients can rely on, “consulting practice” that offers clients optimal options according to their individual needs, and “stringent conflict of interest management.” The SuMi TRUST Group has put in place an extensive organizational structure from the management level to the working level, and strives constantly to enhance its initiatives in this area. Along with the revision of the Policies in June 2017, we made public our “Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) concerning Initiatives Aimed at Becoming Our Clients’ “Best Partner”,” which will allow for easy-to-understand confirmation of the status of the SuMi TRUST Group’s initiatives through our complete client orientation.

Promoting/Supervising Structure of the Group
  Organization Initiatives
SuMi TRUST Holdings Board of Directors Conflicts of Interest Committee

・Supervise Conflict of Interest management for the group, monitor FD* progress

  SuMi TRUST Bank Executive Committee Conflict of Interest Management Enhancement Committee

・Discuss important cases

・Guide improvement to relevant departments

  Department in charge Fiduciary Duties Planning and Promotion Dept. ・Promote FD* within organization
    Compliance Dept. ・Enhance Conflict of Interest management
    Group-wide Fiduciary Duties Discussion Panel

・Consult with external experts, Implement within company

  Group Companies

*FD: Fiduciary duties

Enhancements to the Conflict of Interest Management Framework relating to Fiduciary Duties

The SuMi TRUST Group operates with sound business management based on a high degree of self-discipline with the background of fiduciary spirit, and provides our clients with a wide range of financial services through fully utilizing its significant expertise and comprehensive capabilities. Along with the various products and services provided by our companies, in order to protect the interests of our clients from undue harm, we have been appropriately managing transactions that have possible conflicts of interest and carrying out business operations based on our Management Policy Concerning Conflicts of Interest.

Conflict of Interest Management System

Efforts Linked to Customer Satisfaction

The Group is utilizing its significant expertise and comprehensive capabilities to quickly provide clients with comprehensive solutions. It is also making every effort to adopt a “customer-first approach” and to offer clients peace of mind and ensure their satisfaction with supreme loyalty and sincerity, placing prime importance on credibility and sound management.

SuMi TRUST Bank receives a lot of feedback from clients and many requests via branch offices throughout Japan as well as its telephone centers and the Group’s website, along with the “Voice of Customers Questionnaires” available at every branch, and uses this feedback to realize practice client-oriented business operations.

Approach to improving customer satisfaction of Sumitomo Mitsui Trusu Bank (not available in English) 

Product Development Capabilities Supporting Total Solutions

In order to leverage the flexibility and expertise of its various financial and trust functions as a trust bank and put together the extensive lineup of unique and sophisticated products and services that are essential to providing total solutions, the SuMi TRUST Group focuses on promoting group-wide initiatives that combine the expertise of each business and Group company, not merely using their strengths and know-how. In this way, the SuMi TRUST Group is creating a product development system that carries out medium-term, ongoing research activities on themes that would be difficult to categorize within the domains of individual businesses or Group companies.
Specifically, SuMi TRUST Bank has established product development departments in each business, the Business Research and Development Department, and a product development offsite meeting as its product development organization. The product development departments in each business analyze client needs that have been collected in the course of business, and engage in improvement and development mainly of products for immediate application, including review of existing products and design of new products. In addition, the Business Research and Development Department, which was established as a dedicated unit primarily for the development of trust products, serves as the engine driving product development and provides development support for each business, while carrying out planning, development and promotion of medium- to long-term development projects across businesses.
Furthermore, the product development offsite meeting has been established as a forum for discussion among executive officers and general managers, where regular exchanges of opinion are held about product development, not only at a practical working level, but also based on management strategy from a medium- to long-term viewpoint.
The SuMi TRUST Group also focuses efforts on nurturing human resources capable of flexible thinking that sustains product development. At SuMi TRUST Bank, product development experience is included in the new employee training curriculum, and human resource development seminars on product development are held twice yearly for product development personnel who have little experience. At the seminars, groups engage in exhaustive discussion on the topic of new products to satisfy given client needs that are assigned in advance, with the goal of enabling participants to acquire understanding with regard to breakthrough points and problem-solving methods in product development.


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