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SuMi TRUST Group holds the concept of diversity & inclusion in the sense of “leveraging the diversity and creativity of each individual in management” as its Mission(management principles).

When the Group was formed in 2011, we set out three common aims: “Mission”, “Vision” and “Value”. The most important of these is the Mission (management principles).

We took the perspective of asking ourselves what our three stakeholders-our clients, society, and shareholders-demand of the Group, and added “offer a workplace where the diversity and creativity of its employees are more fully utilized to add value to the organization and where employees can have pride and be highly motivated in fulfilling their missions”, reflecting our thoughts on what kind of a company we want to be for the Group’s employees, as one pillar of our Mission. We have since then worked to make the creation of unique value through the interaction of diverse employees as part of our DNA.

Interview with the president

Diversity & Inclusion promotion system

In October 2017,SuMi TRUST Holdings established the Diversity & Inclusion Office and Diversity & Inclusion Committee to strengthen its commitment to promote diversity and inclusion in the Group.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee , membered by the Directors in charge of the Human Resources Department, the Corporate Planning Department, and the IT & Business Process Planning Department, is held on a quarterly basis, and discussed on Diversity & Inclusion promotion in the Group.

Guest speakers from each group company shared their initiatives for Diversity & Inclusion promotion in a group company.


At the Committee held in May 2018, SuMi TRUST Bank President Masaru Hashimoto talked about his IkuBoss declaration which is the Group’s first IkuBoss declaration and his thoughts on the Declaration on Work Style Reform in relation to his IkuBoss declaration.

Nikko Asset Management

Guest speakers from Nikko Asset Management, a global company headquartered in Japan, talked about corporate culture and value that all employees have created together.

SuMi TRUST Panasonic Finance

Guest speaker from SuMi TRUST Panasonic Finance reported their Diversity & Inclusion promotion. They got hints from active exchange of opinions with other companies from various industries.

Promotion activities of priority themes

The Group is implementing activities under its priority themes while taking into consideration the characteristics of each Group company.

SuMi TRUST Group’s promotion activities

We actively offer growth opportunities for female employees to take the initiative in planning their careers over the medium- to long-term.


●Establishment of “Career Design Training”

SuMi TRUST Bank provides training with the goal of having employees take the initiative in career formation and network building. The training takes place at three stages-shortly before promotion to the level of assistant manager,upon promotion to the level of assistant manager, and shortly before promotion to the level of section manager-and provides employees on the A-track career formation course (where there are no moves relating to relocation) with the opportunity to consider their careers at these stages. This fiscal year, we revised the training provided shortly before promotion to the level of assistant manager. The curriculum was renovated to be self-directed learning through lectures by outside instructors, presentations of case studies of actions by senior female employees. It aims to develop human resources who seek added value with a broader perspective, by considering a variety of ways to build a career and how to show leadership in their own way in line with the social trend. This initiative empathizes with female employees who are susceptible to impact from life events, and provides early opportunities to design a career as part of a life design.

●Dialogs with Directors and Executive Officers

As part of our plan to promote the active participation of female employees, SuMi TRUST Bank sent their employees to the 14th Women’s Networking Forum in Osaka 2017, hosted by some of the top Kansai companies. Before attending the forum, employees had a direct dialog with directors and executive officers, and attended a seminar for directors and executive officers where they could learn about managerial perspectives.

In addition, SuMi TRUST Bank also held a round table discussion between an officer in charge of sections of the wholesale business where female employees play a major role, and female employees who are raising children. The discussion was an opportunity for the officer to listen directly to female employees describing their struggles to balance childcare with careers, and hold a positive discussion on how women can continue in their careers without being susceptible to impact from life events.

●Career Seminar by External Lecturer

SuMi TRUST Bank invited Ms. Kaoru Kashima, senior partner at Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC, to teach a seminar directed at junior female employees to consider their own work style and future career formation. She advised the participants that in order to continue working in a long career, it is important to have a solid awareness of one’s environment, and by working with a “pleasant sense of tension,” a future path will be built naturally.

SuMi TRUST Business Service

●“Eruboshi” Certification

SuMi TRUST Business Service, which does contracted administrative and other work for the SuMi TRUST Group, has become the first company in the Group to receive the “Eruboshi” certification, which certifies companies for the active participation of women. The company, as a whole, was a pioneer in creating a commitment to developing female employees for promotions, and creating a system where even employees with shortened working hours could take on management roles. Many women are actively participating, with 50% of all section manager-level positions held by women (as of the end of January 2018).

Nikko Asset Management

●Initiatives of the Japan Women’s Group

The leaders of the Japan Women’s Group are appointed from among male and female candidates. The group conducted a survey of all employees, including employees at overseas locations, in order to idntify company-wide issues and also holds Brown Bag Workshop inviting external speakers.

We provide systems that enable diverse work styles, so that employees with limitations can also continue to work and thrive.


●Use of Job Relocation System and Newly Established Leave System for Spouse Overseas Relocation

In fiscal year 2016, SuMi TRUST Bank created a system to enable A-track career formation course employees, whose job location does not change due to relocation, to change their job locations upon spouse relocation or similar event.
Then in July 2017, the Bank began approving leave for employees to accompany spouses (inside or outside the company) who are transferred overseas. Anyone can apply for this leave regardless of gender.
When a spouse is transferred overseas, it places a heavy burden on the home environment.
Initiatives for continued careers without impact from life events are underway, using both the domestic job relocation and the overseas relocation accompaniment leave system.

●Facilitation of Return to Work After Taking Childcare Leave

SuMi TRUST Bank has begun providing company information in a monthly email newsletter sent to employees taking childcare leave. This gives employees opportunities to maintain contact with the company even when on leave, and helps them return to work smoothly.
Additionally, their Retail Total Solution Services Business, where female employees play a major role, conducted new seminars for employees taking childcare leave preparing to return to work.
Seminars were held in Tokyo and Osaka. Employees attending the seminars listened intently to explanations of changes at the company that had occurred while the employees were on leave.

●Encouraging Male Employees to Take Childcare Leave

One of the themes of the Declaration on Work Style Reform is “achieving diverse work styles and work-life balance.” As an initiative to accomplish this goal, SuMi TRUST Bank has set the target of having 100% of male employees take childcare leave.

●Local Nursing Care Seminars and First Meeting for Exchange of Information on Nursing Care Experience

In order to enhance employee understanding of nursing care, we held a Seminar on Balancing Work with Nursing Care, which was held in Tokyo last fiscal year, in the Chukyo and Kansai areas jointly with the employees’ union. We also held a new meeting, titled the Meeting for Exchange of Information on Nursing Care among Employees, where employees can relate their real-life experiences with nursing care to each other, and worked to create a network of employees providing nursing care.

SuMi TRUST Systems & Services

●Establishment of satellite office

SuMi TRUST Systems & Services opened a satellite office utilizing a free space within one of the branches of SuMi TRUST Bank. Employees who need an efficient work system are made priority users by reasons such as childcare or nursing care but it is also available for employees who make long distance commuting otherwise.

The Group has set a Human Rights Policy as one of the elements constituting its Basic Policy Regarding Social Responsibility. The Group aims to build a sustainable society, and respects the human rights of all stakeholders involved with its corporate activities.


●LGBT Initiatives

SuMi TRUST Bank has received a Gold rating, the highest rating available, for the PRIDE INDEX, which evaluates initiatives regarding LGBT and other sexual minorities.The PRIDE INDEX is operated by the organization “work with Pride (wwP)”, which supports the promotion and establishment of diversity management relating to LGBT.
Additionally, in January 2018 SuMi TRUST Bank revised our employee marriage leave system to make it available to same-sex couples.
In addition, as a client service, we enable same-sex partners to be treated as spouses for the purpose of acquiring mortgage loans by submitting a notarized document or other documentation designated by SuMi TRUST Bank.

SuMi TRUST Business Service

●LGBT Workshop

After the Group created its policy on human rights and LGBT support, SuMi TRUST Business Service held an LGBT workshop attended by all levels of management from that of general manager to the president. The company is advancing initiatives for human rights and LGBT as a member of the SuMi TRUST Group, including creating a hotline and adding support in its company welfare programs.

Nikko Asset Management

●Initiatives of the LGBT Working Group

The LGBT Working Group works to raise awareness and foster understanding of LGBT issues, posting information relating to LGBT, events supporting LGBT, and the activities of the working group on the corporate intranet. It is also an official member of LGBT Finance, an organization that supports friendlier workplaces for LGBT employees of finance companies, with the aim of increasing awareness of the issues surrounding the LGBT community. It also holds workshops inviting external speakers, distributes stickers with the rainbow mark, and highlights employees declaring themselves as LGBT community members or allies within the company.
We aim to create a working environment that respects diversity, and where employees can be themselves.

We also aim for employees with disabilities to thrive and feel motivation in their work.


●Work as Lobby Attendant

People with disabilities are working as colleagues at an increasing number of locations, including locations with client contact such as branch offices and the administrative operations at head office.
We also focus on interviewing disabled employees after joining the company, in order to respond to their difficulties and wishes after they begin working. We use feedback from these interviews for such purposes as creating a friendlier workplace, from both tangible and intangible aspects.

SuMi TRUST Career Partners

●Morning Gathering in Sign Language

SuMi TRUST Career Partners is responsible for training and other programs in the SuMi TRUST Group. Employees in the company with hearing disabilities work as members of the workplace.
The closing remarks of the daily morning meeting include sign language. They normally communicate via sign language and in writing.

Nikko Asset Management

●Supporting Athletes with Disabilities

Several members of the Japan Wheelchair Rugby Team are employees at Nikko Asset Management.
In addition to actively hiring diverse human resources and promoting diversity within the Company, we support the increased social recognition of athletes with disabilities and wheelchair ruby and are an official supporter of the Japan Wheelchair Rugby Federation.

We promote smooth cross-cultural communication


●Global Networking Program

Every year, SuMi TRUST Bank conducts the Global Networking Program in Japan. This is a training program for managers and management candidates of national staff at overseas locations. The program enhances understanding of our management principles and corporate vision, and gives participants the opportunity to communicate and build networks across national boundaries. President Masaru Hashimoto also made an appearance, directly and powerfully communicating his expectations of our national staff who play a primary role in promoting our global business.

●Intercultural Communication Training

In order to facilitate communication with new overseas hires who have been assigned to positions in Japan, SuMi TRUST Bank provided intercultural communication training to managers in departments where these new hires have been assigned.
We endeavor to instill a communication style that avoids common work-related intercultural misunderstanding and problems.

SuMi TRUST Holdings

●Joins “IkuBoss Corporate Alliance”

On November 7, 2017, SuMi TRUST Holdings joined the IkuBoss Corporate Alliance led by NPO Fathering Japan.
The entire Group will work to promote the “IkuBoss” concept. The goal of “IkuBoss” is to be a boss (manager) who thinks about the work-life balance of the subordinates and staff who work with them, supporting their careers and personal lives, while also delivering performance results for their organization, and being able to enjoy their own jobs and personal lives (this applies to male as well as female managers).
An “IkuBoss” can only emerge if the awareness of management changes, and the employees around them also change their actions. We are committed to this movement with a shared feeling among all employees toward establishing a new form of management at the Bank in order to create a workplace environment where each employee can thrive.

●Certified as a “Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization (White 500)”

On February 20, 2018, SuMi TRUST Holdings was certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) as a “Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization (White 500)” for practicing outstanding health and productivity management.
One of the themes of the Group’s Declaration on Work Style Reform is aiming to promote employees’ physical and mental health, and the program awarded high marks for such initiatives as interval management between work shifts, improving operational efficiency and reducing overtime, and prohibiting smoking in all buildings.
We remain committed to promoting employee health to be a company where every employee can thrive.


●IkuBoss Declaration by Bank President

IkuBoss Declaration is a commitment to create a new style of management to promote Work Style Reform.
SuMi TRUST Bank President Masaru Hashimoto made the Group’s first IkuBoss declaration and Following him, Directors and the General Manager of business supervision department also declared.

Diversity & Inclusion Promotion’s Indexes

Indicators related to diversity and inclusion promotion of the Group are as follows.

Promotion of women's participation database of main group company (Japanese only)

SuMi TRUST Bank 

SuMi TRUST Panasonic Finance 

Nikko Asset Management 

SuMi TRUST Business Service 


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