We seek to establish the brand of ”The Trust Bank”, providing total solution services to our clients with distinctive value of the SuMi TRUST Group.

First, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all stakeholders for your continued invaluable support.

Since our inception in 2011, the Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Group (the “SuMi TRUST Group”) has made steady progress to become “The Trust Bank”, a leading trust bank group which boasts the largest and highest status in Japan that fortifies its position as industry leader in trust related and other business areas.

The client needs to tackle various issues regarding their assets and liabilities are increasing with the advance of Japan's rapidly aging society and maturing economy. At the SuMi TRUST Group, we will strive to fulfill clients' expectations by providing optimal total solution services to our clients by fully utilizing our significant expertise and comprehensive capabilities, and combining various functions.

Over the years, trust banks have achieved sustainable growth by providing and developing various products and services to meet the requirement of the times and environment. The SuMi TRUST Group is proud to inherit this tradition and will continue to perform to the best of our ability.

As we go forward, the entire group will make every effort to meet the various expectations of all stakeholders. We sincerely hope that we will have the privilege to receive your continued support for our endeavors.

April 2017

President Tetsuo Ohkubo


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