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Basic Philosophy

A company’s ultimate purpose in creating value is to contribute to building a sound and sustainable society. Because providing value to the community that constitutes society helps maintain a sound business foundation, we believe this is a license required in order to conduct business. From this point of view, the SuMi TRUST Group practices providing value to the community in various forms, while also taking into consideration the perspective of the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

1. Promotion of social contribution activities at Group companies

Specific Initiatives Value Provided Related SDGs
  • ・Engage in activities fostering employee participation on themes set at each Group company
  • ・Systematically promote “With You” activities at all SuMi TRUST Bank branches
  • ・Participate in social activities of regional communities, NGOs or NPOs, etc., and provide various forms of support
  • ・Communicate useful information for the region through seminars and lobbying activities

Group companies
freely set themes

Promoting “With You” Activities at Branches

At SuMi TRUST Bank, each of the branches builds strong relationships of trust with community members by actively providing value to communities through social contribution activities rooted in local communities, which are known as “With You” activities. In order to promote effective “With You” activities, we encourage initiatives by dividing activities into categories and assigning points according to their degree of difficulty and effectiveness, and establishing guidelines for total points. We aim to have these activities take hold as an effective marketing approach.

Group's Sustainability Activities

2. Support for education through ISAK

Specific Initiatives Value Provided Related SDGs
  • ・Cover all travel, stay, and school expenses, etc. for students from overseas (one each year) who participate in the International School of Asia, Karuizawa (ISAK) summer school
  • ・Provide support in particular for students from the Shanti Bhavan school attended by children who are the most disadvantaged under the Hindu-based system of hereditary social stratification
  • ・Support for efforts of ISAK, whose mission is to foster global leaders
  • ・Excellent students who are economically disadvantaged obtain an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, which qualifies them to pursue higher education at universities worldwide

Support for education through ISAK

3. Promotion of activities to support senior generation

Specific Initiatives Value Provided Related SDGs
  • ・Disseminate information and provide support underlying the foundation for living to a prosperous old age for clients, especially the elderly
  • ・Provide information and support for financial matters necessary for the elderly to maintain their quality of life (QOL)
  • ・Support the creation of social systems adapted to a super-aging society, such as comprehensive regional care

Promoting Support for Senior Generation

Japan is one of the first nations in the world to face the challenges of a super-aging society. Senior generations in Japan are being asked to embrace new ways of living that enable them to enjoy a long, vibrant life while continuing to live in the regions they call home and stay connected with society after retirement. The SuMi TRUST Group sees addressing the problems of an aging society as a source of business opportunities, and is actively pursuing a range of initiatives as follows.

  • ・Providing problem-solving functions through the rich variety of businesses unique to a trust bank
  • ・Taking examinations to improve literacy regarding gerontology
  • ・Organizing Silver College seminars as a way to provide information to clients

Promotion of activities to support senior generation

4. Promotion of ESD projects

Specific Initiatives Value Provided Related SDGs
  • ・Develop Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) at schools across Japan on themes such as preserving local ecosystems
  • ・Carry out innovative lessons using educational videos in collaboration with Green TV
  • ・Teach the importance of ecosystems and biodiversity to children who will be leaders of next generation
  • ・Contribute to raising environmental awareness in the region by involving various stakeholders in the implementation of projects

Promotion of ESD projects

5. Activities supporting National Trusts

Specific Initiatives Value Provided Related SDGs
  • ・Provide various forms of support for activities across Japan in cooperation with the Association of National Trusts in Japan
  • ・Engage in diverse initiatives such as donations for funding purchases of National Trusts landholdings, volunteering, and ESD
  • ・Provide various forms of protection for trust land and contribute to the preservation of Japan’s natural capital

Activities supporting National Trusts

6. Environmental management

Specific Initiatives Value Provided Related SDGs
  • ・Formulate environmental policy and promote the Group’s environmental management
  • ・Formulate CSR procurement policy, and pursue sustainability particularly in relation to procurement of paper products
  • ・Reduce the Group’s own environmental burden
  • ・Participate in the Consortium for Sustainable Paper Use, contributing to spreading the sustainable use of paper throughout society

CSR Procurement (Procurement that Considers the Environment and Society)

Environmental Burden Reduction Measures

7. Participation in partnerships related to sustainability

Specific Initiatives Value Provided Related SDGs
  • ・Actively participate in various partnerships in Japan and overseas in which our stakeholders are collaborating
  • ・Contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by playing a leadership role in the financial industry and participating actively in the activities of key partnerships

Participating Actively in Partnerships

UNEP FI is an international network that encourages financial institutions to take action in consideration of sustainability. The Group has actively promoted UNEP FI activities ever since it became the first Japanese trust bank to sign on to the network in 2003. In addition, working with signatory institutions overseas, we have taken a leading role in the UNEP FI Property Working Group in promoting sustainable real estate on a global basis.

We have demonstrated leadership among the Japanese industry in activities such as preserving natural capital and biodiversity, and becoming a signatory in 2008 to the Business and Biodiversity Initiative “Biodiversity in Good Company,” which was led by the German government, and in 2012 to the Natural Capital Finance Alliance (formerly the Natural Capital Declaration), advocated by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI).

Being a pioneer of responsible investment in Japan, the Group has been a driver of the Japanese market as a leading member of the Japan Sustainable Investment Forum (JSIF). The Group became a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) when they were established in 2006 and, as one of Japan’s representative asset management companies, has been a leader in promoting the widespread adoption of ESG in Japan while cooperating with signatory institutions overseas.

The Group has played a central role in the Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century. These principles aim at concrete action toward creating a sustainable society jointly taken by Japan’s major financial institutions. Currently, as a member of the steering committee and chair of the regional support working group, we are taking the lead on a range of initiatives.

Led by the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, COLTEM is a project for “a development center of social technologies integrating law, engineering and medicine that seamlessly support community life for the elderly from the period of sound health to the onset of dementia.” SuMi TRUST Bank belongs to the financial satellite team under this project, and is helping to improve the financial industry’s ability to address these issues through efforts such as playing a leading role in creating a support guide for financial institutions to address the issue of people with dementia.

Participation in partnerships related to sustainability

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