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List of RSS Feeds

If you have RSS Reader you can register at the link below.

What is RSS?

"RSS (RDF Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication)" is a convenient format for providing updated website information along with the headline of an article.
By registering for RSS you are able to automatically receive the latest information and updates without visiting the website.
In order to use the RSS Feed you need RSS Reader or a corresponding browser and service.

What is RSS Reader?

RSS Reader is software that looks for websites that support RSS and automatically updates and collects for the reader the most recent information available from so called "RSS Feed" websites.
There are stand alone ones that have to be installed, and there are even ones where the RSS Reader function is installed on the latest browser.

How to Use RSS

When Registering for RSS Reader

It depends on which RSS Reader or browser you use, but in the case of most RSS Readers, it is possible to register for the feed if you just drag and drop the RSS icon [button] on this page into the RSS Reader.
Please see your RSS Reader user manual for details.

How to Use RSS
When Using Internet Explorer 7

If you use Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 2, the feed button shows up on the tool bar as orange, and if you click on this icon you can easily subscribe to RSS.

How to Use RSS
When Using Firefox 2
How to Use RSS
When Using Other Tools and Services
  • ·Please follow the user instructions on how to use each tool and service, and check the web pages of each provider for directions on the operating environment, acceptable format, installation methods, and other instructions.
  • ·For RSS Reader services, terms of use, and warnings for use, check the terms of use of each provider and understand that each user is responsible for making their own decisions concerning such use.
  • ·Our company shall not be held responsible for any losses or damage resulting from the use of the RSS Reader. Please understand this before using.

Note of Caution Regarding Use

  • ·Please understand beforehand that this service may be terminated without prior notification and that the URL for the RSS may change at any time depending on the circumstances of the system.
  • ·The service may be temporarily suspended without prior notification in order to protect the system.
  • ·Please understand that we cannot answer any questions about RSS or about how to use, operate, or install software such as RSS Reader that is provided by third parties.
  • ·The copyright to all RSS articles that are delivered by our company belongs to us.
  • ·Re-distribution of articles, producing e-mail magazines, establishing websites, and other secondary use of our RSS articles is strictly forbidden.

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