2016 CSR Report

Entire File(PDF)

2016 CSR Report (12,326KB)

Each Item(PDF)

Editorial Policy / Creating Shared Value through CSR Activities (256KB)

Basic Policy on Social Responsibility (262KB)

Management Commitment (104KB)

Materiality Management for Creating Shared Value at SuMi TRUST Group (130KB)

Addressing Climate Change Using Our Financial Capabilities (889KB)

Natural Capital-related Initiatives Using Our Financial Capabilities (527KB)

Addressing the Issues of a Super-Aging Society by Using Our Financial Functions (3,039KB)

Various Solutions Using Trust Functions (320KB)

ESG-themed Initiatives in Our Asset Management Businesses (314KB)

ESG-themed Initiatives in Our Real Estate Businesses (657KB)

Initiatives to Earn the Trust of Clients (213KB)

Delivery of Reliable Financial Products and Services (69KB)

Corporate Governance (216KB)

Compliance and Conducting Business Activities Fairly (71KB)

Risk Management (146KB)

Environmental and Social Considerations in Project Finance (74KB)

CSR Procurement (Procurement that Gives Consideration to the Environment and Society) (94KB)

Environmental Burden Reduction Measures (132KB)

SuMi TRUST Group’s Human Resources Strategy (257KB)

Enhancing Human Capital to increase Corporate Value (115KB)

Initiatives regarding Human Rights (73KB)

Initiatives to Promote “With You” Activities (1,128KB)

Promoting Activities Fostering Employee Participation (162KB)

Our Activities Supporting National Trusts (409KB)

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Projects (369KB)

Supporting Education for Children through ISAK (510KB)

CSR Activities at Group Companies (904KB)

CSR Activities at Our Overseas Branches (445KB)

Other “With You” Activities (272KB)

Reconstruction Support for Disaster-Afflicted Regions (621KB)

CSR of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Group: Accession to International Guidelines for Corporate Conduct, etc., and Related Activities (138KB)

GRI Content Index (87KB)

Financial Highlights (44KB)

Basic Information of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Group (261KB)

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