Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Group Privacy Policy JAPANESE

Documents to be Submitted when Requesting Disclosure, etc.

  1. 1. Documents to be Submitted when Requesting Disclosure, etc.

    Requests for disclosure refers to the various procedures concerning retained personal data such as the notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, and suspension of use, etc. in accordance with Article 27 Paragraph 2, Article 28 Paragraph 1, Article 29 Paragraph 1, and Article 30 Paragraph 1 and 3 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as the "Act") .
    In the above, please contact our Customer Service to request notification of the purpose of use in accordance with Article 27 Paragraph 2 or to request a suspension of use for retained personal data in accordance with Article 30 Paragraph 1 and Paragraph 3.
    If you make a request for disclosure or correction, etc., completely fill out the designated items on the designated form [the application below [*1]] and hand deliver it or mail it along with personal identification documents [*2].

    • *1  Disclosure Request Form in accordance to the Act (if the request for disclosure is being made under Article 25 of the Act)
      Request Form for corrections, etc. in accordance to the Act (for corrections, additions, and deletions in accordance to Article 26 Paragraph 1 of the ACT).
      In either case make your request to our Customer Service.
    • *2  A copy of a Driver's License, Passport, Basic Resident Registration Card (with photo), etc.
  2. 2. Using an Agent to Request Disclosure and Correction, etc.

    Those who use a legal representative (if the person in question is a minor or an adult ward) or an appointed representative need to attach the documents in 1 and also the following documents:

    A. In the Case of a Legal Representative
    • ·Our Designated Request Form
    • ·Documents that Confirm the Identity of the Individual Applying for the Request to Disclose and Correct, etc.
    • ·Documents that Confirm the Power of Legal Representation
      • -Certificate of Residence if Legal Guardian of a Minor
      • -Certificate of Registration from the Legal Affairs Bureau if a Legal Representative of an Adult Ward
    B. If a Privately Appointed Agent
    • ·Our Designated Power of Attorney Letter [Can Obtain at our Customer Service]
    • ·Documents that Confirm the Identity of the Legal Representative
  3. 3. Disclosure Request Fees
    1) Personal Information that can be Checked by Our Reference System
    ·If you pick up the reply in person at our company: Fee of 540 yen
    ·If you want the reply mailed: Fee of 1,620 yen
    2) Personal Information that Requires Further Investigative Work
    • ·After discussing with the applicant the extent to which they require the information to be investigated, an estimate will be given based on the actual expense of the investigation.
  4. 4. How to Answer a Request for Disclosure, etc.

    A written response will be handed to the person in question by coming directly to the counter or it will be delivered by mail to the registered address.
    However, if the request is made through a legal representative then the written response will be addressed to the legal representative.

  5. 5. How Personal Information Obtained for a Disclosure Request, etc. will be Used

    Personal information obtained in connection to a disclosure request will be used only to the extent necessary to execute the request. After answering the initial request the documents submitted will be held for 3 years and then discarded.

  6. 6. Reasons for Nondisclosure of Retained Personal Data

    In the following cases disclosure is not possible.
    You will be notified in writing if disclosure is not possible. Please note that the designated fee will be collected even if disclosure is not possible.

    • 1) If the information in the application and the information in the attached documents do not match or the identity of the person in question cannot be ascertained, etc.
    • 2) If the power to represent cannot be ascertained when the representative applies
    • 3) If the prescribed information is incomplete
    • 4) If there is no payment of fees
    • 5) If the information requested does not fall under "Retained Personal Data"
    • 6) If there is concern that it will cause harm to the life, body, assets or other rights and benefits of the person in question or to those of a third party.
    • 7) If there is concern that it will significantly impair the proper function of our operations
    • 8) If it violates other laws

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