Special Donation Trust

The special donation trust is a product for the purpose of contributing to stable living into the future for specified persons with disabilities. With this trust, funds donated are managed securely by SuMi TRUST Bank through jointly operated designated money trusts and other instruments, and disbursed to the specified person with disabilities by the bank on behalf of the client.

"Specified persons with disabilities" who become beneficiaries are divided into "special persons with disabilities" and "other specified persons with disabilities" according to the degree of disability. Special persons with disabilities may receive up to 60 million yen tax-free in periodic installments to cover living costs or medical expenses, while other specified persons with disabilities may receive up to 30 million yen without paying tax.

Structure of Special Donation Trusts

Family Consideration Trust (Lump Sum)

In the event of a bereavement, family members have to deal with various procedures, including arrangements for the funeral and inheritance-related procedures. The Family Consideration Trust (Lump Sum) is a product that, in the event of a client’s death, pays out the deposited assets in trust to a recipient designated in advance by the client from among their legal heirs so as to cover interim expenses and funeral costs.


*Along with the lump-sum Family Consideration Trust shown above, we also offer an annuity-type product from which the assets in trust are paid to a beneficiary on a regular basis.

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