End-of-Life Assistance

Trust for Single Old Age [Solitary Trust] [Money Trust-Type & Life Insurance-Type]

Key PointFinal Letter of Instruction Service to Assist End-of-Life Procedures, including Arrangements for a Funeral Service, the Interment of Ashes, the Cleanup of Belongings, and the Placement of an Obituary Notice.

This service, based on a final letter of instruction that can be updated via smartphone, takes care of certain matters after death for the client according to their wishes. Post-mortem services are provided by Anshin Support Corporation, an entity established by SuMi TRUST Bank, whilst the segregated management of assets is executed through the Anshin Support Trust.

*With the life insurance-type Funeral Trust, clients can start with less capital by using level-premium insurance to cover after-death expenses.

Four Key Points in the Trust for Single Old Age (Solitary Trust)


The final letter of instruction is stored safely on our system and can be updated at any time.


An easily managed safety confirmation SMS can be sent out once a month, once a week, or as often as the client wishes.


After-death expenses and funds for donations are safely held in a principal-guaranteed money trust.


The Anshin Support Corporation takes care of all matters after death so the client can depart this world in any way they like.

Helping Still-Living Clients to Give to the Next Generation

Annual Donation Support Trust

Annual Donation Support Trust is a service that supports the implementation of procedures for lifetime donation to relatives, such as compilation of a donation contract. Each year, SuMi TRUST Bank provides customers with information on documents necessary for the donation, helping them to not miss the opportunity for donation. This service makes it easy to execute lifetime donations. Once each year, SuMi TRUST Bank sends a donation report to both the donor and recipient.

Wedding and Child-Rearing Support Trust

As a tax incentive, up to 10 million yen can be given as a tax-free lump-sum donation for wedding or child-rearing purposes to a child or grandchild who is at least age 20 up until he or she turns age 50. As disbursements are made from a "money trust" that requires receipts confirming payments for wedding or child-rearing purposes, this product can clearly be the answer for donors who want their gifts to be used for marriage or child-rearing purposes.

Tuition Fund Endowment Trust

An exemption from the gift tax has been created for lumpsum donations to cover tuition funds, allowing grandparents to make a tax-free lump-sum donation to grandchildren, etc. aged under 30, to help with tuition fees and other educational costs (up to ¥15 million per grandchild, etc.).

SuMi TRUST Bank pays for the cost of education with this product in accordance with payment requests from grandchildren, etc.

Social Contribution Donation Trust

SuMi TRUST Bank offers products and services meant to support building a prosperous future for the next generation by enabling donation activities that serve the public interest. One such product is the social contribution donation trust, where clients select recipients every year from a list of organizations that SuMi TRUST Bank provides, and we process the donations.

Helping with Smooth Planning for Inheritances

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a service that provides support (consulting) aimed at summing up the client’s wishes regarding the succession of their assets and drawing up a specific plan for this. Using the know-how that we have built up over decades in the field of asset management, inheritance, and will-related services, SuMi TRUST Bank offers the following consultation services.

Will Trusts

This service provides will-making consultation, follow-up consulting (changes, etc.), safekeeping services, and even high-quality will execution services with SuMi TRUST Bank serving as will executor so that the assets of our clients are handed over according to their wishes.

Based on our experience as an executor, we provide will consulting during the will-making process to ensure a high-quality will execution process. In October 2019 we launched a free online will trust service with which clients can prepare their own draft of a will by following the on-screen instructions, and in July 2020 we started accepting applications for will trusts based on holographic wills after the Legal Affairs Bureau started accepting them as a result of amendments to Japan’s Civil Code.

One-Stop Inheritance Service

SuMi TRUST Bank offers a One-Stop Inheritance Service to ensure that complex inheritance procedures proceed smoothly. More specifically, upon application by an heir, we will provide support and carry out the following procedures on their behalf, according to their request.

  • Confirmation of the legal heirs
  • Investigation and identification of inherited property
  • Advice in discussions concerning the division of the estate
  • Change of name on savings and securities and/or their conversion into cash (we will carry out the procedures prescribed by each financial institution on the heir’s behalf)
  • Change of name on real estate
  • Advice concerning allowances to pay tax obligations, such as income tax and inheritance tax

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