Natural Capital Evaluation

Natural capital evaluation is a service that calculates natural capital dependence arising from corporate activities and estimates the degree of impact for each procured item and for each country and region, tracing back through supply chain.

Example of output from a Natural Capital Evaluation Tool

Breakdown of water usage volume in each region by sector
Ratio of land usage area by region

Benefits of Natural Capital Evaluation

  • (1)

    Gaining quantitative risk data related to the supply chain that can be used for management judgments

    Can obtain previously hidden risk data related to environmental impacts and the use of resources that are essential to global supply chain management

  • (2)

    Obtaining quantitative data on environmental impacts that can be used for information disclosure

    Can use the data for scope 3 responses to surveys such as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) survey and for disclosures in integrated corporate reports

Natural Capital Products and Services

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