Construction Consulting on How to Foster Biodiversity and Ecosystems

Through the use of CASBEE for Real Estate*1 and JHEP*2 together, the environmental performance of properties can be improved across many dimensions, helping to increase overall property value.

At SuMi TRUST Bank, biodiversity considerations are included in our menu of construction consulting services.

  • ※1CASBEE for Real Estate: The comprehensive assessment system for built environment efficiency (CASBEE) certification is an environmental performance evaluation system for buildings being developed and promoted in Japan under the guidance of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). SuMi TRUST Bank is involved in the establishment of criteria.
  • ※2JHEP: Japan Habitat Evaluation and Certification Program is a system is a system developed by the Ecosystem Conservation Society-Japan to quantitatively evaluate and certify efforts to contribute to the conservation and restoration of biodiversity

A building’s environmental performance is evaluated on many dimensions such as energy savings, global warming mitigation measures, biodiversity, durability, and resource efficiency

The value of buildings decline with age but the biodiversity value increases every year as the ecosystem surrounding it forms. These offsetting lifecycle patterns can maintain the combined value of the building and site together as a whole. Ecological networks can be created through the connection of local communities, neighboring buildings and green nature reserves.

Change in Property Value with Age (image)

Natural Capital Products and Services

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