Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund

In recognition of the fact that protection of the natural environment is a serious and lasting issue on a global scale, the Keidanren Committee on Nature Conservation commissioned the establishment of the Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund in 2000 for the purpose of taking concrete action to address this issue.

The Fund accepts donations from Keidanren member corporations, private sector firms, and individuals and extends approximately ¥200 million in grants every year to nature conservation activities carried out by NPOs and NGOs in Japan and emerging regions.

People from the Yamashina Institute for Ornithology watching short-tailed albatrosses

ENEOS Hydrogen Trust Fund

Japanese petroleum company Eneos Corporation commissioned the establishment of the ENEOS Hydrogen Trust Fund in 2006 for the purpose of contributing to the realization of a hydrogen energy-powered society by assisting fundamental research concerning the supply of hydrogen, a source of environmentally-friendly energy.

The fund is one of the largest in Japan, providing grants of up to 10 million yen per project. Each year, the fund invites the researchers who are receiving a grant and those who have received a grant in the previous year to an awards ceremony where they present their research results.

Due to COVID-19, the FY2020 briefing session and awards ceremony was held online via Zoom

Natural Capital Products and Services

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