Based on the thinking that providing value to the community represents a social license to operate, the SuMi TRUST Group integrates SDG viewpoints into the array of social and regional contribution initiatives we undertake in the communities where we have an office presence. Our policy going forward will be to engage in the very business of addressing the SDGs and strengthen our initiatives so that we can constantly maintain a sound business foundation.

In this section of the report we provide information about the ESD initiatives of SuMi TRUST Bank.

SuMi TRUST Bank’s ESD* Project and the SDGs

Guided by the belief that problems concerning the environment and biodiversity are fundamental issues companies ought to address, SuMi TRUST Bank has, since 2003, continued to champion sustainability initiatives through its own business operations, financial products, and services in an effort to help solve these issues.

ESD is one such initiative—a program endorsed by the United Nations that aims to educate and nurture leaders of a sustainable society.

To achieve a sustainable society, every single one of us must recognize that the environment we live in is irreplaceable and that we must change how we conduct ourselves on a daily basis. However, it must also be said that we will struggle to achieve a truly sustainable society if all we do is just protect the land that is currently on the verge of crisis. Thus, SuMi TRUST Bank believes that this goal can be achieved by leveraging future foresight and nurturing people who understand the value of nature. Since 2012 the Bank has undertaken various ESD projects with the aim of educating the next generation of children about the environment. One requirement in selecting a hosting site for an ESD project is that it must be nearby a SuMi TRUST Bank branch office. Each branch is working to build their own local brand through PR activities together with administrative agencies.

*ESD Stands for Education for Sustainable Development

Nagoya ESD project held online

Embracing Challenges in the "New Normal"

In August 2020, SuMi TRUST Bank organized an ESD leadership training session for around 40 teaching staff in Aichi Prefecture. The session was held online so that the participants from Aichi’s schools could connect remotely with the Tokyo-based instructor, who delivered a lecture about incorporating ESD and the SDGs into classwork.

In the first half of the session, after listening to a lecture on the topic of learning about the SDGs, the participants watched a video and then shared opinions based on their own work or group work. A lively discussion then ensued, mainly focusing on the topic of how to best reflect the SDGs into inquiry-based learning time in the classroom. In the second half, Principal Masaharu Sumita of Hie Elementary School in Yokohama gave an invaluable talk about how to bear responsibility in a sustainable society based on the topic of how to incorporate the SDGs into educational activities by citing specific case examples of how to best teach children about the SDGs and how to address questions that have no correct answer.

This training session—comprising a lecture, discussion, sharing, and conclusion— was the first time an ESD project had been held entirely online and all of the participants benefitted from smoothly experiencing a new learning format.

Principal Masaharu Sumita delivering a lecture from Hie Elementary School in Yokohama

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