Challenges for Achieving the Goals

  • Deepening understanding of the importance of natural capital
  • Establishing approaches for tracking companies’ dependence and impact on natural capital
  • Visualization of natural capital risks that lead to damaging corporate value
  • Expanding financial transactions that contribute to solving companies’ challenges related to natural capital

Initiatives for Solving the Challenges

  • Appeal the importance of natural capital through various opportunities, such as through proposals and seminars for clients and education programs for schools.
  • Contribute to establishing methodologies for appropriately managing dependence and impacts on natural capital, such as natural capital protocols.
  • Identify natural capital risks that have serious impacts on the continuation of overseas procurement, businesses, and projects, and incorporate them into investment and loan processes from the ESG perspective.
  • Taking into account that land is the foundation of natural capital in terrestrial ecosystems, strive to restore ecosystems that are suitable for various areas, ranging from mountainous regions to cities, and contribute to the formation of ecological networks.
  • Promote investments, loans, and trusts related to natural capital.

KPIs for Solving the Challenges

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