1. Support from Our Stakeholders

Regarding our environmental property initiatives, we receive support from stakeholders that place a high value on environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. We think indicating that our environmental property initiatives are aligned with SDGs is very effective as a global message, in addition to alignment with GRESB and Japan's Corporate Governance Code.

SuMi TRUST Bank has been launching green finance products to ensure that initiatives of environmentally friendly property also contribute to favorable funding. CASBEE for Real Estate certification is utilized as a benchmark for determining qualifying green assets.

2. Support from Our Employees

We think buildings with built-in environmental considerations—such as superb heat retention, ample use of daylight and natural ventilation, controls for fine-turning air-conditioning and lighting, and exteriors full of greenery—can improve the health and intellectual productivity of people working in the buildings and can help improve employee motivation and provide an edge in employee recruitment.

3. Support from Communities

There are many ways environmental property initiatives can help improve regional environments such as limiting the "heat island" effect and improving local greenery, creating conditions that foster acceptance by communities of companies as corporate citizens.

Main green finance products of SuMi TRUST Bank (related to environmentally friendly property)

Product name Expected investors Type of transaction and document Purpose of funding Amount (planned)
THE UUR GREEN TRUST Corporations, health insurance associations, incorporated schools, life insurance companies, etc. Loan agreement between the trustee of SuMi TRUST Bank as lender and United Urban Investment Corporation as borrower The acquisition of the new green building and the refinance of existing debt JPY 10 billion
Euro denominated green bonds European ESG investors, etc. Floating-rate green bond with two-year maturity The financing and refinancing of existing or new qualifying green businesses EUR 500 million
AEON REIT Green Trust Corporations Loan agreement between the trustee of SuMi TRUST Bank as lender and AEON REIT Investment Corporation as borrower Appropriation of funds for acquiring or refinancing qualifying green assets JPY 3.3 billion
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