Initiatives related to CASBEE for Real Estate

  • CASBEE for Real Estate is a system developed in 2012 for the purpose of promoting widespread use of environmental building performance evaluations in the real estate market. While maintaining consistency with CASBEE® certifications for buildings (new construction and existing buildings), CASBEE for Real Estate sharply narrows down evaluation items and takes into account consistency with environmental performance items that are focused on overseas.
  • CASBEE for Real Estate can be also used for GRESB assessment , so use of this track is spreading, especially among REITs and real estate companies that are sensitive to sustainability concerns.
  • It consists of evaluation items that help show initiatives related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.
  • SuMi TRUST Bank is a participant in developing CASBEE for Real Estate as an organizer of the subcommittee for CASBEE property appraisal, which is sponsored by the Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation.

TableEvaluation items in CASBEE for Real Estate (In the case of office buildings)

Energy/Greenhouse gases Target setting and monitoring/energy saving standards/O&M*3 system, usage and emissions intensity (calculated values), usage and emissions intensity (actual values), natural energy forms
Water Target setting and monitoring/O&M system, water usage volume (calculated values),water usage volume (results)
Use of resources/Safety Conforms to new earthquake resistance standards, high earthquake resistance/seismic isolation and vibration damping, etc., usage of recycled materials, service life of structure materials, necessary renewal interval for main equipment functions, higher self-sufficiency ratio (electricity, etc.), operation and maintenance
Biodiversity/Sustainable site No use of invasive alien species, enhancement of biodiversity, soil environment quality/regeneration of brownfields, public transportation access, measures in preparation for natural disaster risks
Indoor environment Attainment of building sanitation and environmental management standards, use of daylight, natural ventilation function, view
  • *1Underlined items are prerequisites (they must be met to pass an evaluation).
  • *2Items in red are related to universal metrics the United Nations Environment Programme’s Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative (UNEP SBCI) is studying.
  • *3O&M: operation and maintenance

SuMi TRUST Bank engages in consulting services to support applications for the CASBEE for Real Estate certification.

CASBEE accredited professionals with the proper qualification support the selection of real estate applying for certification while also evaluating the environmental performance of real estate and supporting the submission of applications for certification to certifying bodies.

Problem Discovery and Proposals for Improvement via CASBEE for Real Estate

SuMi TRUST Bank offers proposals on initiatives that work in concert with CASBEE for Real Estate evaluations to identify problems and suggest improvements aimed at bolstering environmental performance.

We will continue to provide services that use the CASBEE system in our business promoting environmentally friendly property.

A CASBEE evaluation sheet

To help with corporate initiatives aimed at solving sustainability issues, SuMi TRUST Bank offers consulting to support applications for CASBEE for Real Estate certification.

Number of CASBEE for Real Estate certified properties (as of end-September 2020): 377

Of these, the number of properties that SuMi TRUST Bank provided consulting services to: 203 (Of these, 182 are listed real estate investment corporations (J-REITs), 11 are private J-REITs, 4 are corporations, 4 are special purpose companies, etc., and 2 are life insurance companies.)

Number of CASBEE for Real Estate certified properties (as of end-September 2020)

Examples: Consulting to Support Applications for CASBEE for Real Estate Certification

Owners Property Rank Certification date
Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Isetan Shinjuku Main Store S 2016/3/4
Invesco Office J-REIT, Inc. Aqua Dojima East S 2020/1/31
Japan Retail Fund Investment Corporation mozo wonder city S 2020/2/28
Daiwa House REIT Investment Corporation ACROSSMALL Shinkamagaya S 2020/2/28
ORIX JREIT Inc. Felicita Sanjo Kiyamachi S 2020/3/4
Activia Properties Inc. A-FLAG BIJUTSUKAN DORI S 2020/3/19
Industrial & Infrastructure Fund Investment Corporation IIF Noda Logistics Center S 2020/3/26
Heiwa Real Estate REIT, Inc. HF SAKURADORI BUILDING S 2020/5/29
Premier Investment Corporation Granpark S 2020/6/30
Japan Prime Realty Investment Corporation JPR Musashikosugi Bldg. S 2020/6/30
AEON REIT Investment Corporation AEON MALL Tamadaira woods S 2020/7/31
GLP J-REIT GLP Yokohama S 2020/8/31
Global One Real Estate Investment Corp. Shinagawa Seaside West Tower S 2020/9/30

What is CASBEE-Wellness Office?

Given the spread of ESG investment in the real estate market and the needs for health & productivity management and reforms aimed at improving intellectual productivity, a new office model assessment system was launched in June 2019.

SuMi TRUST Bank has been involved in the development of CASBEEWellness Office through an MLIT study group tasked with promoting ESG investment and the Smart Wellness Office Research Committee. The Bank carries out evaluations using CASBEE-Wellness Office, and offers support services such as evaluation, certification application advisory and review handling services.

Assessment components under CASBEE-WO

Category Assessment component
Basic performance Health, comfort Space, interior, sound, light, air & ventilation, refreshment, exercise
Userfriendliness Mobility & communication, telecommunications
Safety Disaster readiness, countermeasures for harmful substances, water quality, security
Operational management Maintenance Maintenance
Satisfaction Satisfaction
Program Exercise program

Case Study A

Round-Cross Roppongi

Round-Cross Roppongi is an office building owned by ORIX JREIT Inc. The fourth and fifth floors are serviced offices operated by ORIX. For this project, a CASBEE-Wellness Office evaluation was conducted for the entire building’s common areas and facilities, along with the sections dedicated to the serviced offices, and was successfully certified. In addition to the wide variety of seating arrangements and meeting spaces to meet the demands of different work situations, the building was recognized for its careful management regarding disinfection and air quality control, which have become increasingly important recently.

Business Lineup for Environmentally Friendly Property

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