• The first bank in Japan to develop a land trust product in the 1980s, SuMi TRUST Bank has been involved in managing and developing many buildings and condominiums, and it provides construction consulting services based on knowhow from such projects.
  • We offer advice relating to factoring in environmental considerations in our menu of construction consulting services such as on the installation of energy-saving systems in buildings, ways to take into account landscapes and ecosystems, extension of building life spans, and adoption of recycling systems.

Examples: Construction-phase support for environmental considerations

Company Name Location Use Number of Floors Floor Area Target Rank
Clarion Saitama Prefecture Headquarters office and research center 10 floors above ground, 1 rooftop floor Approx. 19,000m2 A (certification completed)
Chuo Labour Bank Tokyo Central branch 1 basement floor, 9 floors above ground, 2 rooftop floors Approx. 6,000m2 A (self-evaluation)
Kanagawa Prefecture Office 1 basement floor, 7 floors above ground, 1 rooftop floor Approx. 10,000m2 B+ (notification)
AEON MALL Tokyo Commercial facility 5 floors above ground Approx. 150,000m2 A (certification completed)
FUJI Ehime Prefecture Commercial facility 3 floors above ground Approx. 140,000m2 B+ (certification completed)
Ito-Yokado Kanagawa Prefecture Commercial facility 4 floors above ground Approx. 29,000m2 B+ (notification)
Toyo Seikan Group Holdings Tokyo Office*1 2 basement floors, 21 floors above ground, 1 rooftop floor Approx. 72,400m2 S (certification completed)
Daikin Industries Osaka Prefecture Office, R&D facility*1 1 basement floor, 6 floors above ground Approx. 48,000m2 S (self-evaluation)
Hiroshima Mazda Hiroshima Prefecture Office, observation deck, product sales and dining facilities*1 2 basement floors, 14 floors above ground Approx. 11,500m2 A (notification)
Anritsu Kanagawa Prefecture Office*2 7 floors above ground Approx. 28,000m2 S (self-evaluation)
Shimane Bank Shimane Prefecture Central branch*1 1 basement floor, 13 floors above ground Approx. 12,000m2 S (self-evaluation)
  • *1Selected for the MLIT-led "leading projects" program for sustainable buildings.
  • *2Selected for the METI-led "net zero energy building" experimental pilot program.

As interest in environmental issues has grown, so has the number of properties applying for CASBEE® certification* or providing notification of self-evaluation in the past several years. In addition, some projects have been selected by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) for the "leading projects" program for sustainable buildings and by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) for the "net zero energy building" experimental pilot program.

*The comprehensive assessment system for built environment efficiency (CASBEE) certification is an environmental performance evaluation system for buildings being developed and promoted in Japan under the guidance of MLIT.

Case Study C


Situated adjacent to the Atomic Bomb Dome (Hiroshima Peace Memorial), this office building underwent full-scale renovations. The existing framework was reused and the building enlarged to accommodate a higher level of earthquake resistance. A large canopy, louvers, and a "spiral slope" walking ramp were also built into the newly expanded sections. The building reduces its CO2 footprint by utilizing various energy-saving features, including solar shading and cross ventilation. Visitors to the building can access the HIROSHIMA HILL observation deck under the giant canopy on the roof, enjoy numerous activities in ORIZURU Square, and learn about its CO2 reduction initiatives.

The ORIZURU TOWER was selected for the MLIT’s leading projects program for promoting CO2 reduction in housing and buildings.

Business Lineup for Environmentally Friendly Property

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