• Developing smart towns and cities that adopt next-generation "smart community*" social systems at the local level is an important step from the standpoint of regional development. In the past few years, these towns and cities have combined a series of complex reforms from changes to citizen lifestyles and local transportation systems to the introduction of area energy networks, including the recapture of heat and unused energy, to go together with effective use of electricity.

    • *See METI’s website for details.
  • To realize smart towns and cities, it is necessary to create economic value added commensurate with higher costs while establishing clear targets from the basic planning stage onward for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues for the city or town.
  • SuMi TRUST Bank supports projects for smart towns and cities on many fronts such as devising frameworks that link various initiatives on environmental contributions etc. to economic value added and formulating project concepts. Through our provision of financial functions such as home mortgages, we also help projects get executed.

Concept Diagram for Making the Value of Smart Towns Visible

  1. Town Goals
    Environmental goals
    • Reduce energy use (rate)
    • Reduce potable water use (rate)
    • Improve resource reuse (rate)
    • Protect and restore natural resources
    Safety and soundness goals
    • No. days with lifeline provisions secured in case of emergencies
  2. Initiatives to Achieve Goals
    • Securing district landscape, sunlight and ventilation
    • Solar power cells, fuel cells
    • High-efficiency facilities, home energy management systems (HEMS)
    • Storage batteries, emergency-use power generators
    • Security (district-wide, individual buildings)
  3. Creation of Environmentally Friendly Property Value
    • Reduce utility costs
    • Reduce operation and management costs
    • Create safe, comfortable and healthy living environment
    • Reduce risks from disasters and blackouts
    • Lower interest rates on home mortgages

Case Study D

Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town

  • The "Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town" is a project currently being carried out by Panasonic Corporation at the former site of Panasonic’s Fujisawa factory.
  • Panasonic Corporation, Fujisawa City, and eleven partner companies, including SuMi TRUST Bank, are collaborating to promote the project, which marked the town’s opening in spring 2014.
  • SuMi TRUST Bank is participating in various ways, such as designing smart town evaluation indicators (environmentally friendly property values) and creating project-specific product plans for environmentally friendly housing loans.
  • This project is also praised for its community-wide comprehensive CO2 reduction efforts together with town management. It was selected for subsidies under the MLIT-led "leading projects" program for sustainable buildings (formerly known as the 2013 No.1 "leading projects for promoting CO2 reduction" program for housing and buildings).

Business Lineup for Environmentally Friendly Property

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