• Harnessing its broad client base as a trust bank, SuMi TRUST Bank has expanded into a wide range of businesses requiring cutting-edge expertise that leverages the Group’s comprehensive capabilities in fields ranging from real estate brokerage, securitization, consulting, and appraisals to property investment.
  • SuMi TRUST Bank has proposed many ideas relating to environmental real estate, with a focus on showing how environmental performance can create added value in ways that are readily understandable. The efforts to raise awareness on this topic go back to a paper we published in 2005 on the added value created by environmentally friendly property.
  • In 2010, SuMi TRUST Bank became the first Japanese financial institution to establish a section dedicated to environmentally friendly property. In addition to the expertise-based real estate business foundation, the Bank has worked to orient its businesses toward promoting environmentally friendly property through pioneering initiatives in environmental real estate.

Main Initiatives as a Pioneer in Environmentally Friendly Property


A commemorative paper entitled "A Note on Environmental Value Added for Real Estate" for the 10th anniversary of Tokyo Association of Real Estate Appraisers received grand prize in 2005

Initiatives related to CASBEE

Lead organizer of subcommittee examining CASBEE property appraisal since 2007; Vice Chairperson of subcommittee examining CASBEE property appraisal since 2020; launched "CASBEE for Real Estate" certification system in 2013

Organizing Study Groups

  • Lead organizer of a sustainable real estate study group since 2007; released results of studies in 2009 and 2016
  • Lead organizer of a smart city study group in 2013; released results of studies in 2016

Initiatives related to Real Estate Appraisal and Evaluation

  • Chair of a working group on environmental added value, organized by Japan Association of Real Estate Appraisers (JAREA), since 2007
  • Member of office building performance evaluation and display manual committee; released a manual on office building performance evaluation and display in 2017

Initiatives linked to UNEP

Member of a property working group organized as part of the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) since 2007; released a collection of case studies and a handbook for Responsible Property Investment (RPI) in sequence

Initiatives with National and Local Authorities

  • Member of a MLIT-sponsored study committee on the promotion and spread of environmentally friendly property; the committee launched in 2008
  • Member of Tokyo metro government’s low carbon partnership committee for small and medium-sized buildings; the committee launched in 2012 by the Tokyo Bureau of Environment
  • Member of Smart Wellness Office Research Committee, sponsored by Japan Sustainable Building Consortium; announced results of a study on economic impact of buildings with CASBEE evaluations in 2015 ; discussed CASBEE-Wellness Office system, which started offering certifications in 2019
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