Measures to Promote Sustainability Activities

At the Group, the Sustainability Management Department of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings is responsible for overseeing Sustainability activities. The Department performs the role of promoting Sustainability activities of group companies through a semiannual rotation of the PDCA cycle in accordance with the promotion policy determined by the Department's meetings. Furthermore, the Sustainability Management Department examines social and environmental issues and is also involved in the development of financial instruments and services that contribute to solving such problems. Specifically, with regard to the various pressing issues facing Japan, such as energy-related issues and the rapidly aging society, the Sustainability Management Department is looking to the field of finance for answers. To that end, it is pursuing product development through collaboration with those departments in the Group with the necessary functions.

At the same time, the promotion of Sustainability activities ("With You" activities) at business offices across Japan is also an important function of the Sustainability Management Department. Sustainability officers and coordinators at branches, together with the Sustainability Management Department, are considering what is needed for the Group to promote CSR activities that are specific to local communities, and they are making preparations to go ahead with initiatives.

Furthermore, to practice such Sustainability activities in an integrated manner, the Group promotes Sustainability activities by creating the following catch-phrases.


Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank have coined the word "Eco-Trustution" to represent such environmental initiatives. Under this concept, we will provide solutions to ecological issues through the use of our trust function. We will continue to develop and provide solution-based financial instruments and services.

ECO TrustutioN

With You

We will keep making efforts to be a good citizen for customers and local communities. We conduct various kinds of social activities with this in mind.

SuMi TRUST With You
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