The SuMi TRUST Group established its CSR Procurement Policy to set forth guidelines on the preferential procurement of goods and services that are environmentally friendly and socially acceptable. Including all Group companies, we are stepping up their CSR procurement activities based on this policy. With the cooperation of suppliers we continue to expand the scope of items covered under CSR procurement. When purchasing stationery, equipment, and other office supplies, SuMi TRUST Bank prioritizes designated green procurement items and environmentally-friendly products, including those designed to conserve energy. The Bank also promotes initiatives from the viewpoint of combatting the depletion of resources, halting illegally logged timber in tropical rainforests, and preventing pollution in the world’s oceans and waterways.

In addition to simply purchasing products and services, we also need to extend greater financial support to suppliers of environmentally-friendly and socially-acceptable goods and services if we are to achieve marked growth in CSR procurement in society. We intend to accelerate our efforts on providing financing to and promoting joint enterprise with power companies and electricity retailers in order to switch the Group’s power consumption to renewable energy sources. We also aim to build a financial ecosystem through which the entire supply chain is jointly supported by financial institutions. To this end, we continue to exchange opinions aimed at collaboration on this issue with regional banks, Shinkin banks, credit unions, labor banks, and other financial institutions.

Environmental Burden Reduction Measures

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