Reason for Existence (“Purpose”)

Trust for a flourishing future.

Management Principles (“Mission”)

  • (Ⅰ)
    Swiftly provide comprehensive solutions to our clients by fully utilizing the significant expertise and comprehensive capabilities.
  • (Ⅱ)
    Adhere to the principles of sound management based on a high degree of self-discipline with the background of “Fiduciary Spirit” and establish strong credibility from society.
  • (Ⅲ)
    Strive to fulfill all shareholder expectations by creating distinct values through fusing the various functions featuring the trust bank group.
  • (Ⅳ)
    Offer a workplace where the diversity and creativity of its employees are more fully utilized to add value to the organization and where employees can have pride and be highly motivated in fulfilling their missions.

Ideal Model (“Vision”) - Towards “The Trust Bank”

Based on the “Fiduciary Spirit” and with significant expertise and comprehensive capabilities, the Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Group will create distinct values by leveraging a new business model, combining its Banking, Asset Management and Administration, and Real Estate businesses, and will move onto the global stage as a leading trust bank group which boasts the largest and highest status in Japan.

Codes of Conduct (“Value”)

In order to pursue the Management Principles of the Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Group, the executives and employees commit themselves to comply with the six Codes of Conduct described below.

  • Completely Client-oriented

    Truthfulness and Loyalty

    We will adhere to the highest degree of “Truthfulness and Loyalty” as well as credibility and sureness, and will carry out all our responsibilities for client satisfaction and comfort as our top priority.

  • Contribution to society

    Dedication and Development

    We will remain dedicated in all our efforts, with “Frontier Spirit”, and continue to contribute to society.

  • Realization of organizational capability

    Trust and Creativity

    We will realize our organizational capabilities with full of mutual trust and creativity through improvement by mutual learning and continuous personal transformation of various people who share the enthusiasm for trust.

  • Establishment of Individuality

    Self-help and Self-discipline

    With a spirit of self-help and self-discipline as well as a sense of ownership, we will carry out our responsibilities.

  • Strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations

    We will strictly comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, and will ensure that all our corporate activities meet the highest standards of social norms.

  • Resolute stance against antisocial forces

    We will continue to take a resolute stance against antisocial forces, which may threaten public order and the security of civil society.

Symbol Mark and Corporate Identity

The symbol mark features “Future Bloom” representing the purpose of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Group, which is “creating new value with the power of trusts and let prosperous future for our clients and society bloom”.
The four clear petals show our “Mission” to each stakeholder of clients, society, shareholders and employees. The four colors of petals represent our value (codes of conduct):“Truthfulness and Loyalty” (natural green), “Dedication and Development” (golden orange),“Trust and Creativity” (blue green), and “Self-help and Self-discipline” (sky blue).

Symbol Mark

The corporate color is “Future Blue”, which represents the integration of the sense of value that the symbol mark implies, and evokes the closeness and the future.

Corporate Color
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