Message The concept of 'Diversity & Inclusion' represents the essence of the SuMi TRUST Group's management principles and business model. Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings, Inc. Director, President Toru Takakura

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SuMi TRUST Group holds the concept of diversity & inclusion in the sense of "leveraging the diversity and creativity of each individual in management" as its Mission(management principles).

When the Group was formed in 2011, we set out three common aims: "Mission", "Vision" and "Value". The most important of these is the Mission (management principles).

We took the perspective of asking ourselves what our three stakeholders-our clients, society, and shareholders-demand of the Group, and added “offer a workplace where the diversity and creativity of its employees are more fully utilized to add value to the organization and where employees can have pride and be highly motivated in fulfilling their missions”, reflecting our thoughts on what kind of a company we want to be for the Group’s employees, as one pillar of our Mission. We have since then worked to make the creation of unique value through the interaction of diverse employees as part of our DNA.

Priority Themes

The SuMi TRUST Group is implementing activities under its priority themes while taking into consideration the characteristics of each Group company.

Foster a culture that accepts diversity and enables diverse human resources to play an active role Promotion of the Active Participation of Women Encouraging GreaterUnderstanding of Human Rights and LGBTQ Promoting Active Participation of Disabled Persons Encouraging GreaterUnderstanding of Human Rights and LGBTQ Supporting Work-life Balance

Diversity & Inclusion Promotion System

In October 2017,SuMi TRUST Holdings established the Diversity & Inclusion Office and Diversity & Inclusion Committee to strengthen its commitment to promote diversity and inclusion in the Group.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee , membered by the Directors in charge of the Human Resources Department, the Corporate Planning Department, and the IT & Business Process Planning Department, is held on a quarterly basis, and discussed on Diversity & Inclusion promotion in the Group.

Guest speakers from each group company shared their initiatives for Diversity & Inclusion promotion in a group company.

SuMi TRUST Group’s promotion activities

SuMi TRUST Group's promotion of Diversity & Inclusion

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