Shareholder returns

On May 12, 2023, we changed our shareholder return policy, in order to further clarify our stance of pursuing stable dividend growth through sustainable improvement of our profit.

This is based on our intention to return the fruits of our group’s growth, achieved through a virtuous circulation of funds, assets and capital, in a stable manner over the mid-to-long term. We will introduce a progressive dividend policy with respect to dividend per share, and determine the dividend payout ratio to be 40% or above.

More than ever, we will promote initiatives to achieve both financial soundness and stable profit growth, while considering short- and medium- and long-term timelines.

  • Shareholder return policy (implemented from the fiscal year 2023)

Dividend per share will be progressive, while aiming to increase the dividend per share through profit growth.

The dividend payout ratio will be determined at 40% or above.

Share repurchase will be implemented flexibly on the premise of securing sufficient capital, while balancing the use of capital for medium-to-long term profit growth and the effects of better capital efficiency.

Dividend forecast (dividend per share of common equity)

Dividend per share in FY2024 is projected to be 145 yen, it would be 35 yen of increase per share from FY2023.

The dividend consists of the ordinary dividend of 135 yen per share based on our shareholder return policy, which is based on a forecast of increased net income attributable to owners of the parent (consolidated) of 240.0 billion yen, and the 100th Anniversary commemorative dividend of 10 yen per share.

For details of the 100th Anniversary commemorative dividend, please refer to "Notice regarding the 100th Anniversary Commemorative Dividend and Dividend Forecast for the Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2025PDF" released on May 14, 2024.

Interim dividends*1 Fiscal year-end dividends*1 Annual dividends*1 Consolidated dividend payout ratio*2
FY2024 (Forecast) ¥72.5 ¥72.5 ¥145 43.5%
FY2023 (Actual) ¥55
FY2022 (Actual) ¥50
  • *1Dividend amounts have been adjusted to take into account the stock split (two-to-one) effective on January 1, 2024. The figures in the parentheses are before the stock split (two-to-one).
  • *2Consolidated dividend payout ratio=(total amount of dividends on common stock/net income attributable to owners of the parent)×100
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