Positioning of Medium-Term Management Plan (expanding platform to achieve sustainable and stable growth)

In our previous Medium-Term Management Plan running from FY2017 through FY2019, we kicked off the transformation of our business model to meet the needs of our diversifying client base; on the whole, we made steady progress on attaining our quantitative targets and other objectives. Under the new Medium-Term Management Plan commencing in FY2020, we intend to make further progress on the same initiatives whilst also shoring up our business platform over the next three years with the aim of chalking up sustainable and stable growth for the Group by aggressively tackling the social issues that confront individuals, corporations, and investors.

Social issues to actively address

Basic Strategies

Under our Medium-Term Management Plan that kicks off in FY2020, we aim to step up our initiatives on further improving the sustainability and stability of growth by anchoring the management of the Group to three basic strategies.

Three basic strategies
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