Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings, Inc. is fully aware of the importance of its social responsibility and public mission, and constantly seeks to secure unwavering trust from society through sound management based on rigorous self-discipline. For this purpose, we endeavor to ensure appropriate disclosure of corporate information to assure the transparency of our corporate management.

Attitude toward Disclosure

We not only comply strictly with various laws and rules, such as the Companies Act, the Banking Law and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (including the rules for timely disclosure of corporate information, etc., defined by securities exchanges on which our shares are listed), but also endeavor to disclose corporate information that helps our clients, shareholders, and investors better understand SuMi TRUST Group, under the basic conditions of appropriate timing, accuracy and fairness, and realize highly transparent management.
We do not release personal information, client data or any information, the disclosure of which violates the rights of the parties concerned by such action.

Disclosure Methods

When disclosing information, we make active use of the Internet, various publications and other media tools to reach the broadest possible number of interested parties, whether clients, shareholders or investors, in or outside Japan, in a timely, accurate and fair manner.
In the disclosure of various materials, we strive to provide easy-to-understand explanations of the main points of SuMi TRUST Group's management policies, business results, finance situation, etc. We explain these main points at our information meetings, etc.

Establishment of Disclosure System

We maintain and promote the appropriate disclosure system by such means as the establishment of a Corporate Communications Committee to ensure disclosure of SuMi TRUST Group's information in accordance with the above disclosure policy.

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