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This service delivers updates such as news releases and IR materials by e-mail in a timely manner to everyone registered.
You only need to provide an e-mail address to register.
The registration information will not be used for any other purpose than delivering e-mails through this service.

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Terms of Use

1.Changes in Service, Termination, and Registration Cancellation
  • (1)
    The company may at its discretion terminate the service or change its content without prior notification to those registered.
  • (2)
    If a registered e-mail address bounces back after a certain number of times because it is not recognized when an e-mail is sent to the registrant then our company reserves the right to cancel the registration without having to notify the registrant.
  • (1)
    This service is intended to provide timely information to those who registered. Solicitation of investment is not the purpose, so please make your own decisions regarding investments. Please note that the actual results may differ from the earnings forecast as a result of changes in the market conditions and the business environment.
  • (2)
    The company shall not be held responsible for any losses suffered by the registrant when using this service or not having normal access to this service.
  • (3)
    Information concerning the Disclaimer may change without prior notification to those registered.
  • (4)
    Depending on the content, news releases and other information might not be delivered by e-mail.
3.The Use of Information

The user will be held responsible for any losses suffered by our company resulting from the unauthorized forwarding or the re-use of the e-mail content delivered by us. Accordingly, in such cases our company shall not be held responsible for any losses to the user.

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