• The total balance of Non-performing loans (NPLs) based on Banking Act and Reconstruction Act (Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, non-consolidated) as of the end of March 2024 decreased by 36.5 billion yen from the end of March 2023 to 97.7 billion yen. NPL ratio remained low at 0.3%, a result of a 0.1 percentage point decrease from the end of March 2023. The percentage of Coverage ratio covered by collateral and allowance for loan losses is also adequate, at 83.1% for Doubtful loans and 57.7% for Substandard loans.
  • Common Equity Tier 1 capital ratio as of the end of March 2024 increased 0.56 percentage points from the end of March 2023 to 11.35%, mainly due to the increase in capital resulting from the accumulation of net income and the rise in the stock market. Total capital ratio increased 0.40 percentage points to 13.64%. Both ratios remained well above the regulatory requirements of 7.50% and 11.00%, respectively.

Status of BIS capital adequacy ratio (Consolidated)
Basel III

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