Retail Total Solution Services Business

Business Outline

To meet the wide-ranging needs of individual clients across various stages of life, the Retail Total Solution Services Business, driven by high-quality, comprehensive consulting, provides various services unique to a financial group specialized in trust banking, such as asset formation and management, asset administration, and inheritance and succession.

Target Business Model

As we draw closer to an age of 100-Year life, there is growing interest among our clients about leading long and fulfilling lives. At the same time, worries and concerns about their asset formation as well as asest management for the future, and the administration of assets during life after retirement are emerging as issues for society across all age groups.

In the Retail Total Solution Services Business, we take into account the attributes of assets and liabilities that change in accordance with the age and life events of our individual clients, and offer optimal solutions suited to meet the needs of each and every client by leveraging high expertise and various products and services of the Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Group (the "SuMi TRUST Group"). We aim to offer trust and comfort over the long term as our clients' "Best Partner."

Wholesale Total Solution Services Business

Business Outline

The Wholesale Total Solution Services Business not only provides various finance operations and arrangement of various financing schemes, corporate consultations, and M&A advisory services, but also serves as a general provider of broad-ranging solutions for all transactions with corporate clients.

By organically coordinating with the various highly specialized functions of the other businesses, including overseas bases and our group companas a whole, we contribute to the advancement of our client’ businesses, the improvements in corporate value and help solves issues in society.

Target Business Model

The environment in which companies operate is transforming at a more dizzying pace than ever, and increasing in complexity. This includes the emergence of revolutionary IT technologies, industrial materials and engineering technologies, shortening the product life cycle, rapid progress of digitalization, accelerating measures to address decarbonization and realization of SDGs, etc.

Our aim is to be the financial institution named by clients as their "Best Partner." We will achieve this by "further enhancing the diversity and expertise found only at a trust bank" that we have cultivated as a financial group specialized in trust banking since our founding, and combining these in complex and sophisticated ways, to "develop a total solution model" that will help solve the current issues of our clients as well as issues that have yet to appear.

Real Estate Business

Business Outline

Real Estate Business provides one-stop, optimal real estate solutions that solve the increasingly complex and diverse business challenges of our corporate clients and help asset formation needs of individual clients.

Target Business Model

In the area of real estate brokerage and consulting for corporate clients, we aim to increase corporate value and help solve management issues by providing various reals estate functions, leveraging our external network with both domestic and overseas financial institutions as well as real estate companies.

In the area of real estate brokerage for individual clients, we will seek to maximize their asset value by offering real estate information according to their life stages.

Our real securitization trusts and J-REIT operations, that have secured the top position in Japan, form the infrastructure that supports growth in the property investment market. These functions also help us achieve steady business continuity and fulfill our social mission.

Through these initiatives, we will seek to be our clients’ “Best Partner”.

Stock Transfer Agency Services Business

Business Outline

Our Stock Transfer Agency Services Business works as an "agent of record for listed companies" provided for in the Companies Act and undertakes stock-related services to support our clients by accurate and speedy operations, well organized and stable system, and expertise. By utilizing our client base and know-how derived from the industry's top market share, we will provide comprehensive consulting services for management issues related to IR / SR such as support for IPO, corporate governance and dialogue with shareholders.

Target Business Model

We aim to provide solutions to address to IR/SR-related management issues such as investor dialogue and corporate governance matters and realize sustainable growth models driven by improved client satisfaction, in addition to our focus on corporate stock practice as a social infrastructure for the capital market.

We are addressing to societal demands, by providing optimal and high-quality solution to our clients through improving the accuracy of operations.

In addition, we will look to contribute to the further enhancement of corporate and market value for our clients by strengthening, in an integrated manner, our support services for corporate stock practices centering on general shareholder meetings and support services in three areas of consulting; IR/SR, governance, and executive compensation.

Global Markets Business

Business Outline

The Global Markets Business has three functions: client service functions (marketing and market-making operations such as interest rate and forex transactions and investment advisory), market functions (investment operations and financial management operations), and administrative functions. We combine these functions to leverage our significant expertise and comprehensive capabilities and provide services in a timely manner.

Target Business Model

There is growing uncertainty surrounding the financial markets at present mainly because of the monetary policies of developed countries, economic trends in emerging countries, the global political situation, geopolitical risks, and the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The assets and balance sheets of our clients also harbor market risks, but we will aim to protect the value of our clients’ assets by offering solutions with which to appropriately manage market volatility.

The optimal solutions we offer our clients make use of all the volatility management know-how of our group of experts, including knowledge of marketing and marketmaking operations, as well as technologies such as market risk control backed by many years of experience in investment and financial management operations.

Wholesale Asset Management Business

Business Outline/Target Business Model

The Wholesale Asset Management Business will leverage the diverse asset management and administration know-how cultivated by the Group in areas ranging from securities to real estate, private equity, aircraft, and various projects, to offer comprehensive services from proposals to product development and monitoring, mainly for financial and non-profit organization clients facing challenges in asset management. In this way, we will help achieve optimal asset management for each of our clients.

We aim to be a reliable "Best Partner" by providing total solutions from assets to liabilities by coordinating the various services the Group can provide as a whole, such as property administration services (real estate, stock transfer agency, pensions, etc.) and alliance services (trust agencies, real estate solutions, etc.), to address the increasingly complex management issues of our clients.

Private Banking Business

Business Outline/Target Business Model

In the Private Banking Business, our highly experienced, dedicated staff offer one-stop, total wealth management services to clients to meet their varied needs and issues concerning assets and liabilities, including real estate, asset management, and business succession.

In January 2020, as a new standard for services for Japanese wealthy individuals, we launched a new business with the UBS Group (headquartered in Switzerland), which has enjoyed the strong suppport of high net worth clients worldwide for some 150 years.

In launching one-stop, total wealth management services that fuse the unparalleled research capabilities and highlevel financial technology of the UBS Group with our expertise and broad-ranging lineup of products and services unique to a financial group specialized in trust banking, we aim to harness the brand strengths of each group to offer services not possible up until now.

Asset Formation Advisory, Working Place, Business

Business Outline/Target Business Model

The Asset Formation Advisory, Work Place, Business provides asset formation products to client companies and their employees in light of their HR systems already in place. As we approach an age of 100-year life, asset formation needs have grown increasingly diverse ad sophisticated in response to extensions to the mandatory retirement age, diversifiation of working styles, and greater leeway with regards to when people can retire.

In accoradnce with these changes, we will promote optimization of our products and services in line with the asset formation needs of each and every client depending on their stage in ife and provide consulting to companies concerning employee benefits taking into account their HR systems, and offer products and services that contribute to the asset formation efforts of employees. We will also support asset formation by hosting various life planning seminars and sharing information partaining to asset formation and utilization.

Fiduciary Services Business

Business Outline

Guided by the Group's fiduciary spirit, the Fiduciary Services Business provide client-oriented, high value-added services deploys across the entire Group to provide client-oriented, high added-value services, from the design of pension plans right through to their management and administration.

Deploying our significant expertise and know-how seaminglessly, we are addressing to clients' wide-ranging needs.

Target Business Model

As we draw closer to an age of 100-year life, there is growing interest among corporate clients in modifying pension plans to suit an extension to the mandatory retirement age, while individual clients are keen to build wealth in preparation for a prolonged “second life” during which interest rates remain perpetually low. Through our pension business, we will look to accommodate the needs of our clients with pension plan proposals for a new age and support the asset formation needs of the working generation through investment education and other means. In our asset management and administration business, we will aim to improve upon our significant expertise and brush up our administrative quality especially considering that the needs of institutional investors and individual clients are growing more sophisticated and diverse. We will also strive to offer even more extensive services by presenting proposals to clients in line with their intentions. In this way the Fiduciary Services Business will contribute to the realization of a financially inclusive society and developing investment chains unique to a financial group specialized in trust banking by supporting the asset formation efforts of all kinds of clients.

Asset Management

Business Outline

The SuMi TRUST Group’s asset management business provides clients with asset management services mainly through Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Asset Management and Nikko Asset Management. The Group as a whole having the largest assets under management in Asia, we will continue to fully maximize the investment functions of the Group to deliver optimal asset management solutions to our clients and help find solutions to social issues through ESG-focused engagement with investee companies.

Target Business Model

While we anticipate long-term growth in the global asset management business up ahead, the near- and medium term business environment is growing increasingly uncertain against a backdrop of geopolitical risks, pandemic risks like COVID-19, and greater downward pressure on management fees owing to intensifying competition and stricter regulations. That said, we view this environment as an opportunity to draw on our strength of having multiple asset managers with different attributes within the Group, covering the full gamut of investment services, from passive to active funds, and even alternatives. We will therefore aim to cater to the changing needs of our broad range of institutional investors and individual clients in and outside of Japan.

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