This page provides our Group's sustainability-related reports issued over the past five years.

Sustainability-Related Report

FY 2023
FY 2022
FY 2021
FY 2020
FY 2019
Sustainablity Report   PDF(27,492KB) PDF(27,600KB) PDF(20,736KB) PDF(34,706KB)
TCFD Report
(Climate Change)
PDF(2,091KB) PDF(4,620KB) PDF(9,470KB) PDF(1,658KB) PDF(2,380KB)
Progress of Our Approach to Carbon Neutrality October,2023PDF(1,290KB) October,2022PDF(597KB)      
March,2024PDF(779KB) February,2023PDF(402KB)      
Independent Assurance Report
PDF(487KB) - - - -
Natural Capital   - PDF(10,329KB) PDF(9,528KB) PDF(2,305KB)
ESG Real Estate
(Environmentally Friendly Property)
  PDF(3,996KB) PDF(3,427KB) PDF(2,485KB) PDF(2,837KB)
PRB Report   PDF(2,354KB) - - -
Stewardship Report
(Sumitomo Mitsui trust asset management)
PDF(8,020KB) PDF(7,094KB) PDF(8,670KB) PDF(6,458KB) PDF(4,074KB)
Sustainability Report/TCFD Report
(Nikko Asset Management)
  Sustainability ReportPDF(20,599KB) Sustainability ReportPDF(9,982KB) Sustainability ReportPDF(4,196KB) Sustainability ReportPDF(2,186KB)
  TCFD ReportPDF(4,603KB) -※1 TCFD ReportPDF(4,253KB) TCFD ReportPDF(3,735KB)

Note: In principle, each report is listed based on its reporying period
Each report for NAM is listed based on a calendar year

※1 Suspended for complete redesign

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