(Established on January 19, 2015)

All of us at the Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Group contribute to sustainable development of our society as a corporate group trusted by the public by striving to give procurement priority to goods and services that give consideration to the environment and society and by cooperating with suppliers who care about the environment and society, based on the "Basic Policy on the Social Responsibility of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Group (Sustainability Policy)."

By disclosing this policy to the public, we strive to promote CSR procurement through communications with stakeholders outside the company.

1. Fair Transactions

We select suppliers through a fair and transparent method by taking comprehensive account of economic rationality, appropriate quality, delivery punctuality, compliance with social norms, consideration for social challenges and consideration for the environment.
We do not provide profits to or impose undue disadvantages on specific clients without due reason.

2. Compliance with Laws, Regulations, etc.

We respect laws and social norms in procurement and never violate them in any case. We are not involved with antisocial forces in any way and reject unjust demands.

3. Consideration for Social Challenges

We strive to conduct transactions with and procure products and services from suppliers who respect basic human rights, give consideration to industrial safety and health and avoid violations of human rights, such as unjust discrimination, forced labor and child labor.

4. Consideration for the Environment

We strive to conduct transactions with and procure products and services from suppliers who promote efforts to reduce the environmental burden and contribute to mitigating and easing environmental problems, including climate change and biodiversity problems.

5. Cooperation with Suppliers

We seek cooperation from and promote cooperative initiatives with suppliers in order to give consideration to social challenges and the environment across supply chains in our procurement activities.

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