The Group companies engage in various Sustainability activities. Please visit each company's website.

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank

In our Medium-Term Management Plan, we have incorporated a basic strategy for generating positive impacts geared towards solving social issues and have placed sustainability at the core of the Group’s management. Each SuMi TRUST Bank business and its affiliated companies will independently select the social issues that must be addressed first, and we will strengthen efforts on these issues through our core business. Meanwhile, for climate change and other key sustainability issues in Japan and overseas, our Sustainability Promotion Committee functions as a command center for the entire Group and formulates strategies to swiftly implement initiatives whilst collaborating with mainly international organizations.


ESG issues reside in non-financial domains and do not manifest themselves in financial reporting, but they can have a considerable impact on corporate value over time. Based on this thinking, SMTAM considers the actions taken to address such issues to be integral to stewardship activities, alongside engagement and the exercise of voting rights. Through these activities, SMTAM aims to maximize returns for its clients and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs by actively fulfilling its role as an asset manager in the investment chain.

Nikko Asset Management

As an asset management company, Nikko AM’s mission is to always act in the best interests of its clients. For that reason, it places utmost importance on fiduciary and ESG principles in its corporate philosophy and corporate activities. Guided by the belief that reflecting ESG in investment practices enhances the long-term value of corporations and contributes to sustainable economic growth, Nikko AM strives to incorporate ESG principles into numerous investment decision-making processes so that it can fulfill its fiduciary duties.

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