The SuMi TRUST Group sets specific metrics and targets to manage according to our strategies related to climate change and the basic policy on risk management in order to monitor the Group’s actions to tackle climate change.

The tables below show our key metrics and primary goals for this fiscal year.

We regularly check the metrics and, if there have been any changes in the external environment and/or our strategies have been updated, we review the metrics accordingly.

Please refer to TCFD Report2021/2022PDFCahpter4 for more information.

Metrics and Goals related to Climate Change in the Group

Category:Business opportunities arising from climate change,Metric:Cumulative execution amount of sustainable finance,Targets:Cumulative execution amount in FY2021 - FY2030: ¥10 trillion(*1),Category:Risk management,Metric:GHG emissions in investment and loan portfolios,Targets:Net zero by 2050,Category:Risk management,Metric:GHG emissions in the Group,Targets:Net zero by 2030,Category:Risk management,Metric:Exposure to carbon-related assets

※1As of 01 Apr, 2022

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