The global environment is the foundation for sustaining the life of various living creatures. It comprises of natural capital, such as water, air, soil, as well as marine and terrestrial fauna and flora that are grown in such resources under the blessings of the sun. Humans also depend on natural capital and have utilized it to build social systems and develop the economy. In this process, however, humans have also caused significant consequences. Natural capital is not inexhaustible. Supplies may be exhausted sooner or later unless we accurately track and manage our dependence and impacts on natural capital. This is closely interlinked with humans’ day-to-day activities. For this reason, all SDGs are connected with natural capital. Primarily from the perspective of corporate activities, the Group focuses on natural capital in Japan, where we lay our business foundation, as well as natural capital outside Japan, where we rely on highly for the procurement of raw materials and parts. We have selected goals that contribute to proper dependence on and management of such natural capital.

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