In 1999 the SuMi TRUST Group commenced management of Japan’s first responsible investment fund—the Nikko Eco Fund. In 2003 we launched Japan’s first responsible investment fund for corporate pensions, in 2006 we became a signatory to UNEP FI, and then in 2010 we developed a China-equity responsible investment fund. As a responsible institutional investor, SuMi TRUST Bank endorsed and accepted the Principles for Responsible Institutional Investors (Japan’s Stewardship Code) in order to fulfil its stewardship responsibilities.

Accordingly, we will continue to appropriately uphold our stewardship responsibilities as a responsible institutional investor in line with our Guidelines on Stewardship Responsibilities and Guidelines on the Principles of Japan’s Stewardship Code.

In February 2020, SuMi TRUST Bank was awarded the Gold Prize (Minister of the Environment Award) at the ESG Finance Awards Japan which was established by the Ministry of the Environment.

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