The SuMi TRUST Group Zero Plastic Waste Declaration

Relevant SDGs

Driven by our goal of becoming the number one financial institution in ESG management, the SuMi TRUST Group implements initiatives geared towards achieving the objectives of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

As one of our initiatives in this area, we formulated the SuMi TRUST Group Zero Plastic Waste Declaration. This declaration states our aim of realizing zero plastic waste—that is, plastic discarded without being recycled—by the year 2030.

There are concerns that plastic waste flowing from rivers into the world’s oceans is causing marine pollution on a global scale because it remains in the marine environment for such a long time. The enormous amount of plastic waste ending up in the world’s oceans is endangering ocean life. As such, it is high time that we make use of plastic resources more wisely.

The Group’s Initiatives

In order to take concrete action on the global problem of marine pollution, we formulated this Zero Plastic Waste Declaration to encourage every employee in the Group to reduce their use of plastic products and to limit the amount of non-recyclable plastic waste generated. Based on this declaration, we continue to implement specific initiatives aimed at preventing employees from throwing out plastic and not providing items made from plastic to clients that might end up as rubbish.

Branch Initiatives

Each branch is undertaking activities based on the Zero Plastic Waste Declaration as part of their "With You" activities or efforts concerning the SDGs.

The Kichijoji Branch designated August as their very own "plastic waste reduction month" and organized activities to encourage every employee to be more aware of the Group’s goal of reducing plastic waste to zero.

As can be seen in the photo below, a table was created with the names of all branch employees, to which stickers were affixed whenever somebody brought their own drink bottle to work or refused a plastic bag at a store, among other actions that help reduce plastic waste at least once a day.

At the Fujisawa Branch, a Zero Plastic Waste Declaration awareness campaign has been carried out with the use of posters displayed in the lobby, nearby rubbish bins used by employees, and on notice boards.

The sea means a great deal to the community living in the Shonan area, which includes the locality of Fujisawa. Of all the branches, the Fujisawa Branch is committed to its mission as a financial institution to lead the way in the Shonan area and has therefore endeavored to promote and spread awareness about the Zero Plastic Waste Declaration.

Initiatives to Limit the Plastic Waste of Clients

The SuMi TRUST Group is doing its utmost to use environmentally-friendly materials instead of plastic when providing items to clients. Starting in 2019, we switched to Graphan—a pulp-based material that can be disposed of together with paper—as the material used in windowed envelopes that we use to send information to clients. We are also making preparations to switch to environmentally-friendly products for the small gifts that we often present to our clients.

During the 2019 summer campaign period, the Nagoya Business Department handed out reusable shopping bags to its clients.

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