Supporting a balance between child-rearing and work

Systems and career support for balancing work with child-rearing

We provide a variety of systems and career support to enable employees to demonstrate their abilities to the fullest, regardless of gender, while caring for their children. Seminars are held for employees returning from childcare leave to encouraged them to consider career development after returning to work and to help eliminate anxiety by learning tips and tricks on how to balance work and family life.

As of the end of June 2023

Category During pregnancy Before childbirth After childbirth Under the age of one Until the child turns two Until the child enters elementary school Until the child enters the third grade of elementary school
Staggered working hours Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ensuring time for hospital visits and easing burden of commuting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maternity leave
(8 weeks paid leave before and after childbirth)
Yes Yes
Childbirth and childcare leave
(paid leave for the first week)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nursing time system
(1 hour or two 30-minute periods per day/paid)
Exemption from overtime work Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shorter working hours system
(working time shortened by up to 2 hours per day)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nursing care leave Yes Yes Yes
Use of childcare leave by male employees Yes Yes Yes

Promoting the use of paternity leave

We encourage male employees to take childcare leave as an opportunity to foster a culture in which it is natural for male employees to play a part in family functions, to discover new ideas through childcare, and to build a network outside the company. We hold seminars to promote the use of paternity leave and to encourage understanding of supervisors and colleagues in addition to those taking leave. SuMi TRUST Bank has set a target of realizing 100% use of employee paternity leave. In the 2022 fiscal year, we recommended that employees take a total of one month or more of childcare leave, and have established a unique system called the "Baby Care Leave System," which enables employees to take more flexible childcare leave.

Supporting a balance between nursing care and work

We are working to develop systems and a corporte culture to support employees who continue to work while caring for family members during the age of the 100-year life. We distribute a handbook to help employees balance work and family life and hold regular seminars on this topic with the labor union. In addition, we regularly conduct nursing care seminars and offer a leave-of-absence system for nursing care that lasts up to one year, as well as a system of shorter working hours for up to three years (per eligible family member).Moreover, we’ve established a nursing care consultation service staffed by advisors . This service handles inquiries about balancing work and caregiving, addressing any questions or concerns through phone or e-mail.

Nursing care seminars

Every year the SuMi TRUST Group holds seminars about nursing care. The Group also undertakes activities to promote awareness about its nursing care leave system.Seminar topics are varied—for example, we have thus far focused on the topics of nursing care during the COVID-19 pandemic, the key points in choosing a nursing care facility, and how to deal with clients looking to discuss nursing care.

Supporting a balance between cancer treatment and work

In April 2019, SuMi TRUST Bank launched a scheme designed to help employees balance cancer treatment with work. The scheme is mainly underpinned by paid cancer treatment leave, shorter working hours, staggered starting times, and exemption from overtime work to support those undergoing cancer treatment. Also, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust TA Solution, SuMi TRUST Bank and Japan Pension Operation Service signed on as "promotion partners" in a corporate action project on cancer prevention, respectively. respectively. This state-sponsored project aims to improve cancer screening rates and further educate people about cancer. The companies in the SuMi TRUST Group are therefore working on measures aimed at improving cancer education and cancer screening rates so that all employees can lead long and healthy working lives.

Support for Balancing Work and Fertility Treatment

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank has established a fertility consultation service for all employees to provide them worryfree support in balancing fertility treatment with their careers and family life. In addition, we are working on improving our systems to make it easier to balance flexible working styles and treatment.

Support for Career Development Independent of Life Events

System for Change in Work Location or Leave of Absence Due to Spouse's Career

In the 2016 fiscal year, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank introduced a system that enables Course A employees, who normally are not transferred to remote working locations, to change their work locations if their spouse is relocated for work. Beginning in July 2017, employees who accompany their spouses (be they SMTB employees or not) to their overseas working locations were permitted to take a leave of absence. Applications for this system can be submitted regardless of gender. When a spouse is transferred overseas, it imposes a heavy burden on an employee's home environment and often forces the employee to choose between their family and career. This system was born out of the desire to give employees a third option and to support more autonomous career development. Both change in work location and leave of absence systems have been put to use, leading to better career advancement which is independent of live events.

User performance

Changes in the work location in Japan


Leave of Absence Accompanying Transfer to Overseas


(All figures are based on the cumulative total for FY2022)

SuMi TRUST Group's promotion of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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