Promotion of the Active Participation of Women

The SuMi TRUST Group promotes the placement of the right person in the right position in accordance with abilities so that each individual can make the most of their abilities. Employees are promoted to managerial positions based on their capabilites without regard for gender.

The SuMi TRUST Group assigns its employees to a variety of different positions so that they can take on new challenges and widen their fields of expertise. Through training programs, transfers, and reassignments, we provide all employees with opportunities for growth.

Establishment of numerical targets

The 30 by 2030 Initiative is a call by Keidanren (the Japanese Business Federation) for member companies to move to increase the ratio of female executives to at least 30% by the year 2030. SuMi TRUST Holdings signed on to the initiative in November 2021, and set a KPI of having women in at least 20% of the section manager, team manager, and higher management roles by March 2025.

SuMi TRUST Holdings KPI (Key Performance Indicator) (Period:April 1, 2022 - March 31, 2025)

End of March 2023 Goal
Women in section manager, team manager or higher roles 16.2% 20.0%

SuMi TRUST Bank General Employer Action Plan Commitment (Period: November 1, 2021 - October 31, 2024)

End of March 2023 Goal
Percentage of women in position of section manager or higher 13.3% 20.0%
Percentage of women in management roles 30.0% 30.0%

SuMi TRUST Bank established a new action plan in April 2020 based on the Law for the Promotion of the Advancement of Women. The plan aims to increase the number of women in decision-making lines. The plan calls for at least 12% of section chief or higher positions to be held by women and at least 30% of staff in charge of managerial tasks to be women by the end of March 2023.

In July 2021, we achieved our target of at least 12% women in positions above section chief or higher ahead of schedule. In November 2021, we formulated a new action plan which aims to increase the proportion of women in positions above section chief to at least 20% and the proportion of women in charge of managerial tasks to at least 30% by the end of October 2024, thereby further accelerating efforts towards the advancement of women.

Development of Human Resources with a Focus on Women

Supporting Steady Career Development by Women

SuMi TRUST Bank conducts detailed training sessions for women at turning points in their careers meant to provide them with opportunities to think about their own career development and build networks. Based on lectures by external speakers and senior employees, we offer career design training for employees in their sixth year of employment to think about their mid-and long-term careers autonomously. We also provide opportunities for female employees, whose careers are often susceptible to life events, to share their concerns and design their careers as part of their life planning. In addition, a leadership training course with women directors as lecturers was held for Course A employees who are near promotion to section manager. We are supporting employee growth by helping to eliminate concerns and pressure associated with becoming a manager so that they can develop their own image of a career in management and aim for further improvement.

Pipeline Formulation & Support Executive Program

SuMi TRUST Bank provides a variety of training programs aimed at promoting women to management positions, including the formation of relationship pipelines for systematic growth in each buisness division, seminars for women leaders, and training for self-directed career development. We aim to be "No.1 in Human Resource Development" and "No.1 in Human Resource Activity."

In addition, from last year we introduced the Support Executive Program to provide support for employees gaining experience.

We are also working to broaden the scope of our activities and assign a wide range of employees to positions that enable them to take on new challenges across a diverse range of assignments. We provide opportunities for growth not only through training but also through transfers and reassignments.

Number of employees and new graduates employed by Sumitomo Mitsui Trust & Banking Co.

Total Of which, women Of which, males
Number of Employees (as of March 31, 2023) 13,757 persons 7,831 persons 5,926 persons
Number of new graduates hired (FY2023) 450 persons 240 persons 210 persons

Status of female executives and managers of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

End of March 2021 End of March 2022 End of March 2023
①Officers 4 persons (5.7%) 6 persons (8.2%) 7 persons (8.8%)
②Women in positions of department director 16 persons (6.5%) 15 persons (5.8%) 14 persons (5.1%)
③Women in director-level positions 150 persons (12.9%) 178 persons (14.5%) 188 persons (15.1%)
④Women (② + ③) in line positions above section chief 166 persons (11.8%) 193 persons (13.0%) 202 persons (13.3%)
⑤Women in management duties 1,683 persons (26.9%) 1,792 persons (28.3%) 1,963 persons (30.0%)

Female ratio is shown in parentheses ① includes executive officers, and ⑤ includes female managers at the unit chief level and above.

Use of External Networks and Dialogue With Executives

We dispatch employees to joint events with other companies as opportunities to broaden their perspectives through cross-industry exchanges and to help them objectively reevaluate their careers.

We are taking a bottom-up approach to the promotion of women's involvement in the workplace and in addition to company-sponsored events and training programs, our branch offices are also taking action in such forms as holding events with women employees at client companies and providing opportunities for staff to consider their own careers.

Furthermore, executives are actively involved in the training of women employees, and hold executive seminars to communicate management perspectives and expectations of women employees through direct dialogue. Some executive seminars are designed to make it easier for women employees taking care of children to participate by holding the sessions during lunchtime. We provide a variety of opportunities to help women employees grow in their careers.

Training for Executives and Managers

In order to change the awareness of management, which is the key to creating an environment in which women can play an active role, SuMi TRUST Bank incorporates the topics of unconscious bias and women's health issues into its manager training programs.

Provides opportunities for young employees, female managers from Group companies,and outside experts with experience in diversity promotion at other companies to make proposals on women's careers from their own perspectives. Through these and other means, the committee is working to deepen the understanding of ⅾiversity, equity and inclusion among executives.

SuMi TRUST Group's promotion of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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