Based on the Impact Radar disclosed by UNEP FI, we will identify the items that will have an impact by industry and by individual company.

(1) Evaluation procedure

  • Analysis of "Integrated Reports," "ESG Reports," "Mid-term Management Plans," "Other IR materials," web information, etc. disclosed by companies.
  • Comprehensive confirmation of the contents of the company's segments, business areas, and value chain (supply chain).
  • Analysis based on our evaluation criteria based on Impact Radar. Interviews are conducted as necessary.
  • Clarify the impact category and the content of impact (positive/negative), and identify positive impact.
  • Evaluate the positive impact of ③ above, the content of KPIs, and the status of setting policies and initiatives to address the SDGs.

(2) Review by a third-party organization

  • In order to ensure the transparency of the evaluation conducted in (1) above, an external third-party organization will be utilized.
  • An interview will be conducted by the third-party organization.
  • The third party organization will provide an opinion (review) on "the implementation of procedures in line with the Principles For Positive Impact Finance " and "the content of the evaluation".
  • Disclose our evaluation and the third-party review to the company.

(3) Monitoring procedure

  • Continuous monitoring of the situation in (1) ④ above is required in accordance with the Principles For Positive Impact Finance.
  • Companies are required to continuously disclose materials such as "Integrated Report", "ESG Report", "Mid-term Management Plan", "Other IR materials", etc., which show the status of (1) ④ above throughout the loan period (basically no need to prepare a new report for the monitoring).

Positive impact finance

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