In an era when more and more people will likely live to the age of 100, a different kind of life planning is required—in other words, people need to take steps to save, prepare, and set aside their wealth and assets.

At the SuMi TRUST Group, we aim to be our clients’ "best partner" in this so-called age of 100-year life. Based on our systematic consulting plans that cater to the issues and needs of clients in different age brackets, we have put together a set of comprehensive consulting tools with which we implement client-oriented consulting so as to provide the most suitable trust products at the right time in a person’s life.

Japan’s life expectancy is among the world’s longest and the country is lauded for its ever-improving standard of living, including that of the elderly, as well as social stability even after the emergence of a super-aged society. As a front-runner in this age of 100-year life, Japan’s initiatives up ahead will certainly be in the spotlight, including expectations that a precedent will be set for enhancing prosperity in a super-aged society.

With the power of trusts at its core, the SuMi TRUST Group is ramping up initiatives geared towards realizing a prosperous aging society in which all Japanese senior citizens—the front-runners in this age of 100-year life— can feel at ease and lead a happy life based on their own free will.

100-Year Life Solution Department

Given the advent of an age in which more and more people will likely live to be 100 years old, SuMi TRUST Bank established a 100-Year Life Solution Department with the goal of providing suitable solutions to address the various issues faced by our individual clients.

The 100-Year Life Solution Department will aim to identify the increasingly diverse and complex needs of clients caused by changes in time horizons as a result of longer living and develop and successively roll out a whole host of solutions by harnessing the Group’s unique know-how cultivated over many years in an effort to deliver security, safety, and enjoyment to our clients.

Establishment of Anshin Support Corporation to Provide Estate Management and Inheritance-Related Services

The Anshin Support Corporation was established by SuMi TRUST Bank in November 2018 and having become part of the Bank*, it now offers estate management services to elderly clients. For example, guarantor services for seniors moving in to a new facility, nursing care and other contract execution services, discretionary guardianship services, and post-mortem services.

*Providing peace-of-mind solutions for client assets, or solutions to be carried out in accordance with the wishes of the client, by combining various trusts (such as Trust for Single Old Age (Solitary Trust) and Anshin Support Trust) with segregated management and other functions, including SuMi TRUST Bank’s money trusts, will execution trusts, and life insurance trusts.

Aged society

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